The Leo Zodiac Sign Is Awesome Because Of These 7 Reasons

Confetti…..spotlight… carpet….. These are a few of Leos’ favorite things.

Leos love to be in the spotlight. These magnetic and exciting lions cringe at the idea of quietly working behind the scenes. They are happiest when they take center stage, being in charge of other people and looking out after others. Much like their planetary ruler, the Sun, they are focused on giving light to the world. Leos live to entertain, protect and lead.

What do Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have in common? Read on and let’s see why Leo is the best zodiac sign.

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1. Leos are born to lead

Those that fall in the Leo horoscope sign will do well in positions of responsibility. They have the confidence and the drive to take on leadership roles in the family, their group of friends or any organization. Leo would rather be in charge than follow orders. Even if they are not the most qualified to lead in the group, they will likely be the ones to get the votes. Their composure and commanding presence make people naturally gravitate to them. It’s no surprise that they find themselves making decisions for others.
Leos can influence people in their circle to think and work in line with their purpose. Not the type to abuse authority, they are effective leaders who only have the best intentions for others.
Leos work best when they are the central figure and even under the scrutiny of others. The downside to this dealing with people who envy their position and would nitpick at their mistakes every chance they get. No worries! Lions are fierce enough to win over their detractors.

2. Leo is very protective

They designate themselves as the fierce guardian of their family or the social group that they belong to. Never allowing harm to fall on anyone they care for. Leos willingly take the heroic stance if the need arises.

When people treat you unfairly, you can expect them to defend you at all cost. Fighting tooth and nail for you; they will not back down for as long as they are fighting for a just cause. Make no mistake, it’s not a good idea to be on their bad side, we all know what Lions can do besides letting out a loud roar.

3. Leos are gifted with persistence

If there’s anyone who can weather any storm, it’s the Lion of the zodiac. When they begin a project, Leos will remain committed regardless of the odds they face. Sometimes it’s not their goals that fuel their tenacity; it’s actually the difficulties that arise.

When circumstances turn from good to bad, Leos will not take the easy way out. They tend to hang in there even if they suffer. Even if the situation calls for it, they will not walk away. They continue to stay without complaining although they are unhappy already. For them, commitment means never having to call it quits and will patiently find ways to work things out. Only after a very long period of struggle will they raise the white flag.

4. Leos are courageous

Looking for a hero or heroine to save the day? Get in touch with a Leo. Their knight-in-shining armor mentality can turn them blind to the possible risks of their actions. Not the type to watch on the sidelines, they won’t think twice to save others from harm.
They are known to stand up for their beliefs and will not give up on their ideals regardless of the circumstances. They are bold enough to fight for any cause that will benefit others. If you need someone to spearhead a movement, look for a Lion in your organization and you have the perfect front runner.

5. Leo loves being in the spotlight

Leos are happiest when they get all the attention in the room. When others will hesitate when asked to go on stage to perform, Leos would jump at the opportunity and show everyone what entertainment is all about.
A perfect model of a Leo is Jennifer Lopez who knew early in her life where she wanted to be……the center of the stage. J-Lo as she is fondly called; started as a back-up dancer in a TV variety show, “In Living Color” and doggedly worked her way to being one of the most successful solo artists of this generation. Her commanding presence was just too strong to be relegated in the background and when she was given a shot to be in the spotlight, she owned it.

6. Leos are curious

If you were born a Leo, you probably love solving puzzles, going thru a maze or anything that will challenge your minds. Want to know who’s done it? Let a Leo solve the mystery! Leos love to uncover hidden secrets and dig unknown information.
Leos like to take the roles of detectives and spies in order to uncover the truth about pressing matters. They do not like to act or decide based on hearsays. Clever and cunning, this Sherlock Homes and James Bond wannabes will not stop until they get to the bottom of things. Being the leader of the pack, they believe that they have to be the one to bring back order by finding the truth which their family or friends deserve.

7. Leos are exciting

It’s fun to be with these people because you know you’re in for an adventure like no other. Whatever endeavor they get into, Leos will go at it with so much gusto and make it fun while they are at it.

Leo’s enthusiasm is contagious so even if their ways are unconventional, you can’t help but just go along with it.
They easily get bored with routine and love to direct attention towards them. Changes excite them and going outside the norm fascinate them.They will go out of the ordinary to be able to shine in their chosen field. Madonna succeeded in making a mark in the music industry by boldly going against the stereotype and created a look and brand that is distinctly hers. She played it really smart to get to the top of the charts and became a legendary music icon whose concerts still draw in big crowds these days.

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