Taurus And Cancer Compatibility, Love And Friendship

Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac represents growth and development.  People born between April 21 and May 21 are known for their stubbornness.  Bulls are magnetic charmers, grounded, family-oriented and thrifty.  Taurus has a laid-back and low-key approach in life and love.  

One who will observe and wait before planning to make a move. The bull is an old fashioned romantic who believes in following the process of wooing, getting to know, dating and getting into a commitment.  

Once they fix their sights on someone, things will take full swing after a plan is carefully laid out, slowly but surely.

What you’ll find in this article:

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and represents the home, emotions and protectiveness.  Emotional complexities are due to their sensitivity.  Highly empathic, people born between June 22 and July 22 are highly adept on picking up on the feelings of people around them so much so that they mistake those feelings for their own.  

Cancer can be one of the most puzzling Zodiac signs to get involved with because emotion runs high. Crab can be up and about one moment and switch to a gloomy state the next.  Or he/she will be at the center of attention then retreat to her hideout without warning.

On a good day, Cancers are usually witty, energetic and innovative. People born in this period are gifted with amazing “people skills”.  Their power of persuasion is rooted on cancer’s deep understanding of human emotions.  On a bad day, this water sign will brood and wish to be left alone. Complicated huh? Well, with the right partner who has the temperament and patience to understand this sign’s quirks, a long lasting relationship can bloom.  

What’s in store for Taurus and Cancer?  Read on to find out if these two are fated to fall in love.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man

During the first encounter, a Cancer man is quite shy and it will take a few more meetings before he lets his guard down.

The crab will walk away from anyone who comes on too strongly. Conservative Taurus will be low key and wait till he is comfortable enough to open up.  Attraction is immediate but these two will not rush because both will take their sweet time planning their next course of action. His tender and cordial ways will endear him to her.  The Crab looks for a sweet, quiet woman as his life partner which she fits to a tee.

Cancers can be very temperamental and moody which can be too much to handle for the people around them, so they need partners like Taurus who are patient and calm enough to cope with their mood swings.

Both are also very family-oriented, and will want to set up a beautiful and peaceful home. He’s dead serious about this but he will only move forward to marriage when he feels secure enough. On the other hand, she is no hurry to jump into lifelong commitment until she is really sure about her man and seeks a partner who can provide security. A dependable provider, the Cancer man suits her ideal partner for life.

When it comes to money matters, the Cancer man is known to be thrifty and shrewd while Taurus woman is financial smart as well.  These two are known to spend wisely.  Both aim to secure their future so investments and savings will be a priority.  

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

Peaceful and passionate Cancer can switch to being stubborn and frantic all in the same hour. She will rely on Taurus stability to cope with her moods and sensitivity. However, frequent clashes can take its toll on the usually patient and headstrong bull so she must learn to keep her emotions watered down.  

Trust is a key factor for their relationship because both are jealous and possessive. Over time, the Bull will be able to prove to his lady love that he is truly faithful.  This magnetic charmer will remain loyal when committed. The Cancer woman is very sensitive to the needs of her partner while Taurus man will always have his lady love’s best interests at heart. This is a possible long term relationship especially when moods and emotions are managed well.

When it comes to finances, Ms. Cancer knows how to save for the rainy day and Mr. Romantic will definitely be pleased.  Both have a firm grasp and understanding of the value of money. To her, money equals security, a belief that he echoes. The Crab and the Bull are cautious about everything they do in life and with their hard earned money. With the dependable Taurus, she is assured that she will be taken care of and likes the feeling of security he provides.  

Taurus And Cancer Compatibility Verdict

Sadly, Taurus Penelope Cruz and Cancer Tom Cruise’ relationship fizzled when astrologically they are aligned with each other. Cancer is most compatible with Taurus. These lovebirds are so in sync with each other like two peas in a pod.  Their traits complement each other.  

Both are family-oriented, smart spenders, diligent savers, home buddies and loyal.  Even the negative traits of each are countered by their positive ones.The Bull’s calmness is a perfect antidote to the crab’s mood swings and highly strung emotions.  On the other hand, Cancer can help his/her partner become more sensitive to the feelings of others. The Crab’s amazing persuasion skills can break the stubbornness of the other. No one else has the ability to charmingly convince the Bull to change his/her mind.  My verdict: These two signs are blissfully meant to be!

If you fall under one of these signs, you are now aware of who you should be on the lookout for and if you happen to be in a Taurus-Cancer relationship stay put, don’t let go!  Whether you are in the getting to know or commitment stage, hang in there and patiently go with the flow.  Regardless of the outcome, you’d be happy you sought out the stars for guidance.

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