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Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac.  It is a Positive, Cardinal, Air sign which is symbolized by the Scales.  People born between September 22 and October 22 are known to be the peacemakers of the Zodiac.  They always seek balance in life and harmony in all their relationships.  

Those born under this sign are brilliant in weighing the pros and cons so one can be assured that their decision is always fair.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Librans are romantic due to the influence of Venus, the Goddess of love. Those born under this sign are blessed with strong charisma, excellent communication skills and generous hearts.  Indecisiveness is a weakness they must battle with from time to time.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac.  It is a Positive, Fixed, Air sign which is represented by the Water Bearer. People born between January 21 and February 18 are ruled by Uranus, the great awakener and planet of invention.  The movements of this planet are erratic and the trait of doing things in an “out of the box” fashion is characteristic of Aquarian people.  

Those born under this sign possess detachment from the world we live in as well as a childlike but wise attitude.  They have the reputation for having all sorts of quirky behavior but their cheery disposition makes them well liked by others.

Aquarians are very independent people. When in a relationship, the water bearer must have the right amount of space and time on their own.  They seek partners who can understand and accept this kind of set up.  Controlling or crowding an Aquarian will make him/her want to break free.  

They are very supportive, generous and loving partners but they must have enough breathing space in order to be content and happy.  These people approach life with an open attitude and assume that others can easily accept their ways.  However, that is not the case all the time so it is important that they get involved with people who understand them well.

Is Libra a good match for Aquarius?  Will these two be happy together or better off apart?  Read on to find out.

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

There are no set rules in love for the most unique and quirky lady of the Zodiac. Aquarius woman is intellectual, independent, spontaneous and free spirited.  She loves to challenge rules that others meekly follow.  The beautiful rebel earns a lot of admirers even if she baffles them.  

What kind of man attracts the lady who bravely dares to be different? For one, an intelligent, fun loving man who stands out in the crowd.  

She is not the type to fall in love fast so a man must take his time in getting close to her.  The Water bearer would rather go with the flow and be friends first rather than be wooed aggressively.  Dependent, possessive and jealous men will not match well with her.   

Libra man has the most captivating smile and he knows it.  He is suave, classy, witty and easygoing.  A lot of women fall for his charms but he is not the type to fall in love easily.  This man is choosy due to his desire to be in a perfect relationship. His pursuit results to countless dates with different women until he meets the One destined for him…..the Yin to his Yang.  

Ultimately this man wants a harmonious relationship with someone who helps him achieve balance in all areas of his life.  A beautiful, independent, affectionate, honest, spontaneous and supportive woman will put an end to his search.  

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

Libra woman wants to be 100% certain that she is on the right track when it comes to love so she takes her sweet time to weigh things.  A man must be patient because this lady struggles with indecision.  It is better to go the “best friend” route and let things fall into place.  

Our social butterfly seeks a partner who is outgoing, fun to be with, trustworthy and supportive.  She is also very particular with appearance, so a man must pay attention to what he wears and how he looks.  Libra woman has a practical approach on relationships; often seeing things from her partner’s point of view in order to avoid conflicts.  She can be submissive or independent when necessary.

Aquarius is the most unpredictable sign in the Zodiac.  Attempting to guess what they will be up to next will be frustrating.  However, when it comes to love, he knows exactly the kind of woman his heart will fall for.  

To get his attention, which is usually all over the place, a woman must be capable of engaging this intelligent man in a “battle of wits” type of conversation.  To get him to fall in love, she must have an independent and open-minded approach to love.  Clingy, drama queens and domineering women will make him flee at lightning speed.   Aquarius man is very loyal, loving and romantic partner.  He is not the possessive or jealous type but once his trust is broken, the relationship is beyond repair.

Libra And Aquarius Compatibility Verdict

Many couples need to meet halfway in order to make their relationships work and last. That’s not the case for these lovebirds.  Libra matches really well with Aquarius.  Both are independent, caring and understanding partners.  

They approach love similarly and will start off as good friends.  Libra will be fascinated by Aquarius’ quirkiness, intelligence and rebellious streak while the latter will fall for Libra’s levelheaded approach to life and romantic overtures.

These two will be able to handle their differences well.  Libra will be able to cope with Aquarius’ unpredictability while the latter will not fuss over Libra’s indecisiveness. They will even respect each other’s need for space and share the same need to mingle with new people. These two are so in sync emotionally and intellectually, I wonder if they will ever disagree on anything.

My Verdict: Libra and Aquarius are Yin and Yang.  Smooth sailing relationship that has the potential to last long.

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