Pisces And Pisces Compatibility – Love Match & Friendship

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac.  People born between February 19 and March 20 fall under the sign symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions.

It is a Feminine, Mutable, Water Sign. This is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac due to the strong influence of Neptune.

What you’ll find in this article:

This planet is associated with intuition, artistry, romanticism and dreams.  Pisceans are called the dreamers of the Zodiac. Neptune is also the planet of illusion, so these individuals struggle to have a firm grip on reality sometimes.  The positive Piscean is sensitive, intuitive, empathic, creative and articulate.  The negative Piscean is indecisive, gullible and lacking in self-confidence.

Dreamy eyed Pisces is a true romantic who longs to end up with his/her soulmate.  They believe in ever after, serendipity and love at first sight.  Their personalities are tailor fit for love.  

Pisceans always put the needs of others above their own.One is truly fortunate to have a Pisces lover because he/she is very sensitive and emotive.  Their partners need not spell out what they want because they will receive without having to ask.  

It is just great to have someone who is gifted with strong intuition.  Pisceans fall in love hard and matches best with people who can reciprocate their intense emotions.

They are selfless to a fault.  Although it is truly adorable that they would go to great lengths to please their partners, it is somewhat frustrating how Pisceans forego their own happiness for the sake of love.  Being a Water sign, emotions get the better of them when in a relationship.  

They can turn a blind eye to their partners’ glaring flaws and will continue to stay in a relationship even if they are unhappy.  Pisces loves to play the role of a lifesaver even to those who will pull them down or who is not worth saving.  They need partners who will not take advantage of them and who can open their eyes to the true essence of “give and take”.  

What happens when two Pisces get involved?  Find out what the stars say.

Pisces Woman and Pisces Man

Pisces woman is sweet, caring, feminine and enchantingly dreamy.  Being ruled by Neptune, she is highly intuitive and can sense the needs and feelings of people around her.  She is aware of her emotional vulnerability so she seeks a partner who will protect her at all cost.  

This lady dreams of meeting her prince or knight all too often. When her eyes twinkle, she’s probably daydreaming of Mr. Right.  When in a relationship, this lady shows extreme devotion, support and care.  

They are very nurturing, somewhat mother like.  She wants to be there for him 24/7.  Nothing would make her happier if her partner turns to her for support all the time.

Relationships are like safety nets to her so, she has a tendency to be clingy and needy.  Her partner must be able to understand the intensity of her feelings.  It would be good if he can encourage her to have a life outside their relationship.  

He must be very careful with his words though because she might misunderstand him.  This lady is overly sensitive so it is important that he makes her realize that his intentions are good.  He should proceed with extreme caution because when she’s deeply hurt, this lady will retreat to her fantasy world or simply swim away.

Pisces man is mysterious, charming, intelligent and sensitive.  He may seem snobbish but fact is, he can get along with anyone.  This man doesn’t like to wear his heart on his sleeve in order to protect himself. He is very sensitive and seeks someone who can shield him from his fears and also understand what he’s going thru inside.  

Pisces is the most emotional of all the water signs.  He needs a partner who can give him space and time to sort things out and at the same time assure him that she supports him all the way.  This brilliant man needs a boost in confidence and self-esteem from time to time.

In a relationship, dreamy Pisces is romantic, loyal, honest and devoted.  He is in fact a good husband and father material.  This man will never back down from his commitment.  Conflicts with his partner will be few and far between because he is more than willing to compromise in order to maintain a happy and harmonious relationship.  
In marriage, he is very dedicated to his family.  He will work hard to fulfill the wishes of his wife and children.  Pisces man expects the same level of loyalty and devotion from his partner.  Big doses of appreciation from his loved ones will certainly keep this man happy, inspired and feel complete.

Pisces And Pisces Compatibility Verdict

This matchup will be quite complex. There will be a lot of affection, romance and passion shared between these two.  They are very sensitive to each other’s needs after all.  However, there are underlying conflicts that they need to address early on in the relationship.  

They will be drawn to each other by a strong feeling of meeting their soulmate, only to realize later on that it is all an illusion.  Pisceans are idealistic in love and have the tendency to mask the flaws in the relationship during the early stages.  One moment they are on cloud nine, the next thing…. reality bites.

Fact is, romances between two same signs often bear a strong aura of unreality.  They feel that they are so alike that nothing can go wrong and their relationship is the only thing that matters. Over time, the bubble bursts, leaving two people disappointed and hurt.

Although they have similar views and traits, strong waves of emotions can throw them off course. When overwhelmed, both will retreat and sink deeper in depression.  It is important for them to maintain their individual lives, to keep the relationship afloat.  Extreme Co-dependency can wreak havoc on them.  
My Verdict:  Dreamy start but these two will be in for a turbulent ride, so they better buckle up.  

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