Libra And Scorpio Compatibility, Love, Friendship

The seventh sign of the Zodiac Libra is a Masculine, Cardinal, Air sign. Libra is represented by the only inanimate symbol in the zodiac, the Scales.  This symbol highlights their need for balance in life.  

People born between September 22 and October 22 are ruled by the Goddess of love, Venus.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Those born under this sign have a strong sense of peace, harmony and fair play but at times can be overly judgmental. Another striking quality of Librans is their magnetic personality.  The gifts of Venus are well noticed by others including charm, grace and good humor.

The eighth sign of the Zodiac Scorpio is a Feminine, Fixed, Water Sign.  People born between October 23 and November 20 are ruled by Mars, God of War and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. This sign is represented by the symbol, the Scorpion.  Scorpio is considered as the most invincible sign of the zodiac. These individuals are determined souls who give their all to life regardless of the odds they have to face.

Nothing is too difficult for them to overcome once they set their minds into it. The positive Scorpio is ambitious, driven, passionate, trustworthy and good-humored.  The negative Scorpio is jealous, manipulative and ruthless.

In love, Scorpio is loyal, passionate, devoted and affectionate but…..expects the same from their partner.  Their love is intense to a fault.  When these individuals fall in love, the world revolves around their partners.  Scorpio is one of the most jealous and possessive signs in the Zodiac.  Betrayal in any form will unleash the sting!

The only way they can forget a slight is by getting even. It is important that a Scorpio gets involved with the right partner. He/she must be trustworthy and capable of matching the kind of love a Scorpio gives.  They are well matched with Water and Earth signs.  

What is in store for Libra and Scorpio?  Is there a happily ever after for these two? Read and find out.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

It’s not easy to win the heart of a Scorpio woman. She can be hard to please and it will take a strong, persistent man to pin her down.  This lady loves to be chased!  She is not the type to change her ways for a man.  Either he accepts her for who she is or head out the door.

This mystifying lady gets attracted to successful, good humored, intelligent and driven men.  In a relationship, she is very possessive and controlling.  A man must never make the mistake of looking at other women when she’s around or he will get a dose of the infamous scorpion’s sting.  Her partner must be someone who can match the intense love and affection she gives.

Charming and attractive Libra man seeks a relationship with a perfect partner, so he takes his sweet time to search for the One destined for him. He gets attracted to an easygoing, intellectual, beautiful and well-groomed woman. His heart is captured by a strong, confident and affectionate woman who can connect with him intellectually and emotionally.  

She must shower him with a lot of compliments to boost his self-esteem.  Librans are peacemakers so they detest any form of conflict and will try their best to keep their relationship harmonious. Once this man feels certain that he has found his soul mate, he will stay faithful and devoted to his lady love.  

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man

Libra woman is the epitome of grace and charm.  She is naturally captivating and her pursuit of fairness is admired by many.  This lady seeks a peaceful and harmonious relationship but doesn’t want to be rushed into making a decision. Pressuring or manipulating a Libra will only cause her to drift away.  How can a man attract a Libra?  

First, he must pay attention to her appearance.  Being attractive is extremely important to her so sincere compliments will earn him points.  Second, a man must be attractive as well and well dressed.  Third, he must be witty and equally charming.  Last but not the least, he must be her buddy first.  A constant companion she can’t be without in the long run.

Scorpio man is quite a complex character. He is invincible and yet vulnerable. His mysterious aura draws many admirers but breaking his barrier is not easy.  He is very secretive and only reveals all to a woman who wins his heart and earns his trust. When smitten, he will pursue his lady love ardently. He gets attracted to independent, driven, honest, witty and attentive women.  

This man loves to be challenged and prefers to take the difficult route to win a woman’s heart.  In a relationship, a Scorpio expects undivided attention.  He can be possessive and jealous so it is important that his ladylove will be able to nurture trust in him.

Libra And Scorpio Compatibility Verdict

Libra and Scorpio have undeniable chemistry.  However, this couple will have difficulty getting past hurdles because of the glaring personality differences.

Librans are social butterflies and love to be in the company of friends and family. On the other hand, Scorpios are social but prefers to spend time alone with their partners, away from the rest of the world. Libra attracts many admirers and sees no harm in flirting.  

His/her popularity will heighten Scorpio’s insecurity and paranoia. We all know how jealous and possessive they are when in love.  Scorpio is not the type to adjust to his/her lover’s whims so unless Libra is willing to be dominated in this aspect, things will turn bleak between them. Scorpio is too dominating for easygoing Libra.

Libra being an Air sign tends to be emotionally detached, while Scorpio is the most emotional of all the Water signs. One is cheery while the other is brooding.  Libra shuns conflicts while Scorpio is confrontational and vengeful. They have different ways of dealing with issues so it will be difficult to reach a compromise.  

My Verdict:  Libra and Scorpio have sizzling chemistry but similarities are few and far between. Staying together is like a roller coaster ride.

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