Virgo And Libra Compatibility, Love Match, Friendship

The sixth sign of the zodiac Virgo is a Negative, Mutable, Earth sign.  It is symbolized by the Virgin.  People born between August 23 and September 21 are ruled by the planet mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods.

What you’ll find in this article:

Virgos are known to be perfectionists.  Their dedication to their work and organizational skills are admirable.  Getting involved in a relationship is not a priority for these busy bodies.

Although they have much love to give and seek to be loved as well, life goes on for these individuals who’d rather stay focus on their careers to get ahead of the pack.  Virgos are will not foolishly rush into love.  They are meticulous even with matters of the heart.

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is delegated to people born between September 23 and October 22.  It is a Positive, Cardinal, Air sign.  Venus, Goddess of Love is the planetary ruler of Libras.  The Scales is the symbol for Libra, known as the sign of justice, peace and harmony.   

Libras are the most balanced zodiac sign.

Diplomacy is a marked trait of Librans who are quite gifted in weighing the pros and cons of any given situation.However, in their desire to be always fair and correct at all times, Librans are often beset with indecision.  

Librans are true romantics and desire to be involved on a long term basis. It is not surprising that these people live to find true love because Libra is the sign of partnerships and marriage. However, these charmers are not the type to fall head over heels quickly.  They prefer to take things a step at a time before committing to pursue or accept anyone.

A Libra in love is truly a sight to behold and there can be no denying when they are smitten.  Those born under this sign seek long term relationships and will exert their best efforts to make it work and last.  Librans avoid confrontations at all cost and tend to keep their true feelings bottled up.

What happens when unassuming Virgo meets charming Libra?  Are these two compatible enough to go the distance?  Read and find out what the stars have instore for them.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman

Mr. Perfectionist may seem too distant and hard to please but deep down is a man capable of nurturing a lasting relationship.  He will go an extra mile to please the woman who captures his heart.  

Although it is not easy to fall for someone who is as meticulous as a Virgo, one can be assured that he will do what it takes to make the relationship work and last.  

This man gets attracted to intelligent, confident and well-mannered women. He wouldn’t bother to look again in the direction of an attention seeker or flirtatious woman.  

His heart falls for someone who is trustworthy, organized and affectionate. A woman who will understand and embrace his quirks will get him to commit.

A Libra woman will never go unnoticed.  She has overflowing charisma, poise and grace which makes her popular among friends and men.  

Although she is very easygoing and friendly, this lady is not big on emotional displays.  Romantic? Definitely yes, but prefers to take her time to weigh the pros and cons before getting deeply involved with someone.  

She gets attracted to well-dressed and well-mannered intelligent men.  Her heart beats for a man who is loyal, romanticand patient.  The best way to get this lady hooked is to be her best buddy first to give her time to see if a person is worthy of her love.

Virgo Woman and Libra Man

Virgo woman can charm and seduce a man without even trying. This lady is gifted with the ability to gauge a person in her midst and know whether he is authentic or a fake.  To put it simply, it will be difficult to con a Virgo.  It’s quite difficult to win her trust but once she’s won over, this lady will be for keeps.  

However, when a Virgo woman is not pleased with the way she’s being treated, she will walk out on the relationship without second thoughts.  She matches well with a man who is patient, trustworthy, affectionate and dependable.

Libra man is a true blue romantic who dreams of having a relationship with a perfect woman.  He is not the type to foolishly rush into love.  This man would weigh all his options carefully before making a move to win the lady he’s drawn to.

Governed by Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, it is only natural for this charmer to be attracted to beautiful, well dressed and confident women.  He falls for someone who can converse intellectually and read his emotions well.

When a Libra man is smitten, he stops at nothing to make his ladylove happy. He dislikes confrontations and drama queens.  

Virgo And Libra Compatibility Verdict

Virgo and Libra makes a beautiful, unpretentious couple.  These two share the same pragmatic views on life and love.  Virgo’s detailed oriented approach is well matched by Libra’s intent to always get things right.  

Both are in no hurry to fall in love, so they will most likely hit it off as friends before moving on further into a relationship.  Friendship will allow mutual admiration and affection to strengthen their bonds.  

As these two move forward together, possible glitches may arise from Virgo’s critical nature.  Although he/she means well, an onslaught of constructive criticisms can take its toll on Libra. Virgo must ease up a bit and be more accepting of the other.

Be less demanding because no one is perfect after all!   Another possible source of conflict is Libra’s outgoing nature, which may not sit well with Virgo who prefers to stay home most of the time.  

Our social butterfly must be allowed to spread his/her wings in order to be happy.  These issues must be dealt with and corrected early on, for their relationship to last long.

My Verdict:  This couple will have a bittersweet relationship.

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