Cancer And Libra Compatibility, Love And Friendship

The fourth sign of the zodiac Cancer is a Feminine, Cardinal, negative, Water sign which bears the planetary symbol, the Crab.  

Ruled by the Moon, people who were born between June 22 and July 22 go through mood changes that coincides with the phases of the Moon. The Crabs are sensitive, compassionate, creative, imaginative and very protective of loved ones.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Their weak points lie on tendencies to be manipulative, clingy and insecure.  Home is where the Cancer’s heart is. A happy marriage is the ultimate goal of those born under this sign.  These shy and reserved people are happy and content spending a quiet evening alone with friends or loved ones.  

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is a Masculine, Cardinal, Positive, Air sign. This sign bears the planetary symbol, the Scales and is ruled by Venus, Goddess of love.  Those born under this sign are known to be the peacemakers of the zodiac.  They are great negotiators and mediators who possess the ability to be sympathetic without being attached.  

Idealists with logical minds, Librans are brilliant in weighing the pros and cons of any given situation.  People born between September 23 and October 22 are charismatic, elegant, diplomatic and sociable.  On their bad days they can be indecisive, stubborn and superficial.

When it comes to love, Librans are extremely affectionate and romantic.  Librans are not into “Love at first sight”.

Although known to be flirtatious, these people put in their best efforts to make their relationships work once they are committed.  Libra is a sign of marriage and partnership that’s why these individuals won’t feel complete if they are not involved with anyone. They are in love with being in love!

Librans get attracted to well-mannered beautiful people who can converse well.  They fall in love with strongminded individuals who know how to balance love and career.

What’s in-store for a Cancer and Libra pair?  Will they create perfect harmony?  Let’s see what their stars say.  

Cancer Man And Libra Woman Compatibility

Cancer man keeps to himself and prefers to be alone than mingle.  He isn’t too trusting and is very selective with people he converses with.  

It will take a few more encounters before he warms up.  He is very traditional and a closet romantic.  

Mr. Crab matches well with someone who wants to be in a long term relationship and eventually get married and have children.  He is very careful in choosing his partner because he wants to be in it for the long haul.  

This man will not rush because he wants to be certain of his moves.  Any woman would be lucky to have a Cancer man for a partner, for he is very devoted and affectionate.   

Libra woman yearns to be in love and prefers to be wooed a step at a time.  She wants to get to know the other person really well before getting into a commitment.  This charismatic lady gets turned off by aggressive suitors and prefers to be given ample time to decide.  A man must be very patient because she wants to be 100% sure before taking the plunge.  

She is constantly battling with indecisiveness when it comes to selecting her partner. This lady matches well with a good conversationalist, someone who is as sociable as she is and one who would treat her with respect.  

Cancer Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Cancer woman yearns to be wooed the old fashioned way and seeks to be in a long term relationship.  She is not the type to fall for a man at first sight and her trust must be earned before deciding to take the relationship to the next level.  

This lady falls for the “knight in shining armor” kind of guy and desires to be treated like a princess.  A man who would open doors for her, surprise her with tokens of affection, take her for a moonlit walk, drive her around town just to listen to her stories would certainly make her swoon all over him.  

When in love, Ms. Crab gives her all to make the relationship work and expects the same from her partner.  Unrequited attention and affection will cause this lady to walk away.

Libra man is a natural romantic who wants to be involved with someone who is beautiful, affectionate independent and faithful.  This elegant and charming man can be idealistic about what he’s looking for in a partner and doesn’t really mind how short or long it takes to find his soulmate.  

When he feels certain that the lady is “the One”, he will stop at nothing to win her.  Libra man wants nothing more than a smooth sailing relationship and will walk away from a partner who is demanding, clingy and stubborn.

Cancer And Leo Compatibility Verdict

When these two meet, it would seem like they have a lot in common but, time will reveal their personality differences which will constantly test their relationship.

First, Cancer feels while Libra thinks. The Crab wants to connect emotionally while Libra wants to connect intellectually.  Their approaches on life and love may not be in sync all the time which will cause them to drift apart.

Second, Cancer’s mood swings will be too much to handle for Libra, who does not have the patience to take in all that drama.  They may be brilliant in weighing pros and cons, but are weak when it comes to figuring out how others feel.  

Being a cerebral person, it is difficult for Libra to process his/her partner’s emotional issues which in turn will hurt the sensitive Crab.  

Third, one is reserved and a home body while the other is a social butterfly.  Libra is overflowing with charisma and naturally draws people to him/her, which may not sit well with a Cancer who wants undivided attention and prefers to be alone with his/her partner most of the time.  

My Verdict:  Cancer and Libra matchup is off key and these two are better off as friends.  

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