Cancer and Cancer Compatibility, Love and Friendship

Cancer is the sign for people born between June 22 and July 22.  The fourth sign of the zodiac is a Feminine, Cardinal, Negative, Water sign.  Cancer, the Crab, is ruled by the Moon which symbolizes the world of dreams, unconscious feelings and powerful emotions.  

These individuals are prone to mood swings related to the actual phases of the Moon. It’s not surprising that the Moon has the same effect on ocean tides and on Cancer’s emotions, instincts and habits.

What you’ll find in this article:

Cancer is the most empathic and emotional of all the Water signs.  These people have the gift to clearly comprehend how others feel and think. This ability makes them excellent communicators and their power of persuasion is very impressive. Crabs are known to be very compassionate and protective of their loved ones.

Being Cardinal, those born under this sign are achievers who like to initiate things whether a business, family or organization and devote all their time and energy into their chosen endeavor. Despite the image of being dreamy and impractical, these people are clever in getting their way and making their dreams come true.  

Family and home are essential to a Cancer’s existence.  Like the Crab, these people carry their “home” with them much like a security blanket. Those born under this sign maintain strong family ties.

Needless to say, these individuals will make wonderful spouses and parents.  They will be extremely affectionate to their partners and children.

Nothing makes them happier than being in the comforts of their own homes in the company of people they love.

What happens when two Crabs get involved with each other?  Read on, to find out if this matchup will be favorable or not.

Cancer Woman – Cancer Man Compatibility

This outgoing and independent lady has a heart of gold. A Cancer woman is very sensitive to the needs of people around her, making her one of the most sympathetic and caring women of the Zodiac.

She may have earned a reputation for being shy but truth of the matter is her secret desire is to dominate and show the world what she’s made of.  Being a cardinal sign, Crabs are born go-getters.   

For a Cancer woman, emotions play a key role in all her relationships.  She listens to her heart more than her mind.  This lady doesn’t open up until her trust is earned, so it will be quite a challenge for a man to figure her out.  

But once a man succeeds in winning her heart, this beautiful woman will love him unconditionally, however, she will step on the brakes and drive away from him when she continuously feels neglected and her love unreciprocated.

Cancer Man is the most sensitive among the zodiac signs due to the influence of its planetary ruler, the Moon. He is capable of gauging the feelings and thoughts of another person.  Highly intuitive, one cannot hide his/her true intentions from this man.

People who are overly assertive and friendly during the initial meeting turn him off, because he prefers to know someone at his own pace.  Mr. Crab may appear icy outside but deep down he has a heart that is always willing to give and help.  He guards his emotions really well and only opens up to people he trusts.

Our male Crab is looking for true love, the kind that will sweep him of his feet and last a lifetime.  He wants a woman whom he can highly respect and he’ll be proud to show off his friends. Best match for him is someone who can cope with his frequent mood swings and shower him with affection.

When in love, he is capable of subtly manipulating the feelings of his partner causing the other to feel smothered. He becomes too involved with her life only because he thinks that’s what’s best for her.  His partner must be someone who will be able to tone down his controlling tendencies and encourage him to lighten up a bit.

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility Verdict

Cancer people comprehend the world through their feelings, making it one of the most challenging sign to get to know.  This couple will be able to understand all the emotional complexities they were born with, because they fall under the same sign. When two people think and feel exactly alike, we can expect a relationship filled with mutual understanding, acceptance and respect.

Both being Water signs, they are sensitive to the needs of each other so these two can tell what needs to be done without having to ask. No guessing games, because their thoughts and feelings jive.  

The only possible glitch I foresee stems from the Crabs’ tendency to be too possessive when in love.  They must learn to curb their clinginess because it can cut them off from the rest of the world.  

This couple must learn to give each other enough space so as not to restrict their individual growth. Balance between their lives in and out of their private circle must be achieved, in order for their relationship to last long.

Cancer people are known for their legendary “moodiness” and more often than not, this becomes a stumbling block in their relationship with others.  Good thing is, mood swings will not be that big of an issue because even their moods are in sync.  So when one feels down, the other will just go with the flow.   

When in love, both are attentive and loyal to each other so their relationship will go a long way even straight to the altar.  These people are family oriented so it’s not surprising that they would want to take their relationship to the next level.  

My Verdict:  If these two manage their relationship well, these soul mates will tie the knot.

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