Cancer And Aquarius Compatibility, Love And Friendship

People who were born between June 22 and July 22 fall under the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer.  Cardinal Water sign people are emotionally complexed but compassionate and family-oriented.  

This sign’s ruling planet, the Moon has a tremendous effect on the behavior and feelings of those born under this sign.  The effects of the Moon on the earth’s oceans are the same on Cancer’s emotions.

What you’ll find in this article:

Popular cancer traits are sympathetic, generous, family and home-oriented, extremely protective of loved ones and sensitive. In love, Cancer, the Crabs are appreciative, sensitive and supportive partners.

The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, is a Fixed, Air sign.  It carries the planetary symbol, the Water Bearer who brings clarity and wisdom to all. People born between January 21 and February 19 are ruled by Uranus, the great awakener and planet of invention. This planet is erratic in motions and is believed to cause Aquarians’ unpredictability and eccentricity.  

Joy is essential to Aquarius personality.  These individuals love to infuse good vibes and happiness to people they encounter. Those born under this sign are known to be very friendly, intelligent, independent, loyal and philanthropic.  Unpredictability is a hurdle they must learn to overcome.

Because Aquarians are highly unconventional and unpredictable, loving them would prove to be very challenging.

They match best with people who can connect with them mentally and who would give them a lot of space.  Freedom is essential to their existence so if their relationships are too constricting, they will definitely walk away.

These water bearers maybe scared of being tied down, but truth is, they are capable of falling in love. And when an Aquarian meets his/her kindred soul he/she will be in it for the long haul.  They may be hard to capture but the moment the realization of true love hits them, those born under this sign will remain loyal till the end of time.  

Can the Crab keep up with the unpredictable Aquarius?  Read and find out the kind of relationship these two were destined to have.

Cancer Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Cancer man may appear nonchalant when you first meet him but truth is, he longs for a serious relationship more than any man in the zodiac world.  Mr. Crab shines best when he is able to give and be loved.  This true romantic falls for a strong woman who will stand by him thru thick and thin.

A Cancer man is emotionally unpredictable.  One moment he’s cheery, next thing you know he’s reclusive.  Moody Cancer needs a partner who can stand all that and still love him.  When he gets into a relationship, he aims to make it long-term and if it all works out fine, a wedding will surely happen.  Family and home make Mr. Crab’s life complete.  

Aquarius woman is free spirited, intelligent, strong and very friendly.  It won’t be easy for any man to figure her out because of her legendary unpredictability.  This lady live to explore and is not too keen on falling in love.  However, once her heart is captured, the lucky man is assured of her love forever.  She will be fiercely loyal to the man she has fallen in love with.

It would be better for a guy to be her friend first before making a move to woo her.  She prefers the “best friend” route in order for her to be comfortable with the guy first before taking the relationship to the next level. Those who will rush her will only push this commitment phobe away.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Cancer woman is not as shy as she appears to be.  Being a Cardinal sign, this lady likes to dominate and succeed.  An ambitious streak lies in her veins.  She is reserved during first meetings and usually appears icy to new acquaintances but when one takes the initiative to get to know her better, he will discover a soft, loving, sympathetic and honest woman.  

This lady has so much love to give and she is just being cautious so as not to make the mistake of giving it to the wrong person.  A man who wants to win her heart must first win her trust and when he succeeds in doing that, Ms. Crab will love him unconditionally.  

Aquarius man is quirky, intelligent and very charming.  He is like a breath of fresh air and this guy hardly goes unnoticed because he can befriend anyone he comes across with.  It’s not surprising that this man is popular with the ladies.  Sure, he gets into relationships but his innate fear of commitment prevents him from taking things seriously and leads him to change partners quickly.

Aquarians do not fall in love easily unless they have come full circle and ready to open their hearts.  This man is attracted to an intelligent and independent woman and usually gets hooked by a lady who will give him free rein. The right woman will be able to bring out his romantic side.

Cancer And Aquarius Verdict

Cancer and Aquarius have opposing views on life and love.  Cancer being a water sign lives in accordance with his/her feelings while Aquarius, an Air sign, lives in accordance with his/her thoughts.  Water sign people get too submerged in their relationships that they get hurt when their feelings are not reciprocated.

When Crabs feel insecure about their relationships, the tendency to be clingy surfaces. Air sign people are often accused of emotions which are shallow or of being flighty.  Although they are capable of falling in love, too much emotional co-dependence is hard for them to handle.  Clashes might happen frequently if these two do not work on compromise.

Cancer must learn to loosen up and be overprotective, so as not to go beyond Aquarius comfort zone.  On the other hand, Water bearer should learn to open his/her heart and be more sensitive to the needs of the Crab.

My Verdict: This couple should fasten their seat belts.  They will have to traverse rough roads in order to make this relationship work.

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