Libra Zodiac Sign Is The Best Signs Because Of 7 Reasons

How to spot a Libra? Look for the fashionably dressed, well-mannered charmer in the room.
Popularly known as the peacemakers of the zodiac, these calm and laid-back Librans are endowed with excellent “people skills” who will leave a lasting impression on you. This Air sign is gifted with the ability to make everyone around them feel good.
Intrigued already? Read on to uncover more of the wonderful traits that Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Jackman and Bruno Mars possess.

1. Libras are fair

Here’s the scenario. You are caught in the middle of two friends warring over a guy. What do you do to prevent a nasty catfight? Dial a Libra!
Almost every Libra I know is excellent in weighing pros and cons of any given situation. This zodiac sign is tied to the laws of justice, balance and harmony so you are assured to get a fair advice. He/she will listen to both sides before making a decision that will be for the good of everyone concerned.

Since their intuition about others is spot on, Libras are highly capable of bridging the gap. In the end, you’ll see your friends happily chatting over coffee again after ditching the guy!

2. Libras are charming

Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, Libras have the ability to charm even the birds and bees. In my opinion, the most flirtatious zodiac sign is the Libra. So, watch out girl with a pretty face and sweet smile. You’ll know for sure when he has spotted you in the crowd. It’s perfectly fine, if he’s Zac Efron or at least a look alike!
Should you be worried when you fall for a Libra? Yes and no. There’s a silver lining; when Libras are single they flirt but when they are in love, they are loyal. The last thing in their minds is to create imbalance in their relationships.

However, even if they don’t try it people gravitate to them, so you’ll have to curb your jealous streak to avoid conflicts. Just be more understanding of the fact that Libras are naturally attractive. Rest assured that a Libra won’t stray when they are in a commitment already.

3. Libras are hopeless romantics

Wondering how these charmers are when cupid’s arrow hit? Famous Libran, Bruno Mars gives you a clear picture in his song “Just the Way You Are”.
Libras take matters of the heart seriously and when they meet their match, the relationship is bound to last long. People born in this period avoid conflicts and arguments at all cost. Harmonious to the core, Libras settle matters in ways that won’t upset their partners, sometimes even using humor to lessen the tension.
However, the downside to this is they can be over accepting and let it slide without getting down to the root of the problem. Libras believe that they can take a situation and fix it by just agreeing with their partner. It is important for those born under this sign to be open to their partners about how they truly feel and work things out together rather than owning up to faults all the time.

4. Libras are diplomatic

Witty, lively and absolutely persuasive, people born between September 23 and October 22 are masters of diplomacy. Believe me a Libra can talk his way out of any situation. Libras do not like getting caught in conflicts or arguments so they try their best to cooperate and compromise in order to quiet things down. No wonder, these peacemakers earn a lot of friends and respect in their lifetime.
Born with excellent communication skills, these charmers will be able to convince and sway even the most rigid person in the room. Will Smith didn’t earn the nickname “Prince” for his looks but for his gift of gab. He really is a perfect model for the seventh sign of the zodiac.

5. Libras are protective

A friend or family who will fight for you is a gift from the heavens. Since fairness rank high in their priority list, Libra will be fighting for anyone who gets unjust treatment. The zodiac’s peacemakers highly resent people who deliberately tip off the balance scale.
Your extremely outspoken friend will not mince words when they sense your rights have been walked on. Libras are usually calm but see red when justice has been denied. Anyone who breaks their strict code of honor will be dealt with accordingly. Believe me there will be no traces of this cool and composed Air sign when he/she gets fired up.

6. Libras are trendy

Want to know the best buys of the season or the best gadget to add to your wish list? Ask your Libra friend for advice or to tag along with you to the mall. Libras keep themselves up-to-date on fashion and technology more than anyone else in the zodiac. You’ll probably find them reading fashion magazines or searching the net for what’s in and out during breaks. Highly influenced by the Goddess of beauty, Venus, their fascination with fashion and beauty is not surprising.
Usually, people born under this sign set trends in their social circle. Their natural classy demeanor never fails to attract attention. Wondering just how reliable their fashion taste is? Keep your eyes on fashion mogul Ralph Lauren’s latest collection!

7. Libras are laid-back

Don’t you just envy someone who can remain cool under pressure? Ever wonder how they can chill when everyone else is panicking to beat the deadline? The stars have spoken and delivered the gift of perfect composure to Libra’s doorstep and not yours.
Don’t get the impression that Libras don’t get anything accomplished because of their relaxed approach to life. On the contrary, these people get more things done because they don’t allow setbacks to change their course. Highly flexible, these laid-back achievers can quickly adjust to situations and make the most out of them. Truth be told, Libras shine best when things go out of control. You can rely on them to finish the task when everyone else is too stressed to even lift a finger.

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