Scorpio And Pisces Compatibility, Love And Friendship

The eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio is a Feminine, Fixed, Negative, Water sign.  It is represented by the planetary symbol, the Scorpion.  

People born between October 23 and November 20 are ruled by two planets.  Mars, the God of War and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Scorpios are fiercely ambitious, driven, fearless and persistent.  Their determination is unmatched by any other sign.  These individuals have the gift to remain focused on their target regardless of the odds.

In fact, challenges bring out the best in them. However, Scorpios have difficulty dealing with battles from within.  On their bad days, emotions do cloud their judgment.

In fact, challenges bring out the best in them. However, Scorpios have difficulty dealing with battles from within.  On their bad days, emotions do cloud their judgment.

Pisces is the last and twelfth sign of the Zodiac.  It is a Feminine, Mutable, negative, Water sign.  People born between February 19 and March 20 are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, upstream and down.  

Pisces is one of the most creative signs in the Zodiac due to the influence of Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusion.  Those born under this sign are known to be the dreamers of the Zodiac.

This planet is associated with uncanny intuition, dreams, artistic inclinations and romanticism.  On the downside, it makes Pisceans gullible and indecisive.

It is believed that Pisces possess a combination of all the traits of the eleven signs which makes it easy for them to adjust to different personalities.  These people are so sensitive to the needs of their partners and are willing to give way in order to avoid personality clashes.  

Pisceans view love with rose tinted glasses.  When smitten, they tend to justify flaws in their partners and simply shrug it off all for the sake of love.  

It is important that they get involved with the right people so they won’t be taken advantage of.  They match well with practically all signs in the Zodiac but strong emotional connections are formed with Water signs.

Is Scorpio good for the dreamy Pisces?  Read on to find out what’s written in their stars.

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman

Piscean woman is naturally sensitive and instinctively knows what others need even before they ask.  This woman is always the first to arrive at a friend’s or family member’s doorstep so she could offer assistance.  

In a world full of takers, a Piscean woman is truly a breath of fresh air for she gives unconditionally.  When it comes to love, she is the type who believes in love at first sight, happily ever after and serendipity.  

This lady dreams of being loved immensely. Pisces woman is often lost in la la land so she matches well with a man who is capable of snapping her out of it and gently brings her back to reality. Pisces woman is truly an amazing partner for she knows how to love unconditionally.  

Scorpio man is desired by many women but his elusive heart can only be won by one.  He is not the type to take advantage of his admirers because he takes love seriously.  

This man is very intense in everything he does and love is no exception.  He wants to find the woman who he feels is worthy of his love.  Scorpio man loves immensely and doesn’t want to waste his time and effort on someone who might just break his heart.  

When in a relationship, Scorpio wants to be in control so his partner must be submissive.  She must be very careful not to ruffle his feathers with actions that will trigger his jealousy.  This man’s temper is not for the weak hearted plus when slighted, he gets even.

Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man

Scorpio woman’s magnetic aura earns her a lot of admirers but she is not the type to easily fall for a suitor no matter how ardent he maybe. She seeks long term relationships so her trust must be won 100% before she allows a man in her world.

Winning her is no easy feat but it will all be worth it because this lady loves with all her heart and soul.  She gets attracted to ambitious, fearless and intelligent men.  

When in a relationship, Scorpio woman is utterly loyal, attentive and romantic.  She tends to be possessive and controlling of her man because Scorpions are very protective of the people they love.  

Charming, intelligent and reserved Pisces is a closet romantic. This man makes a great partner for he is able to sense her desires without being told.  He will surely find ways to give all that she wants… a genie in a bottle!  

He may look tough on the outside but this man is very sensitive and gets emotionally bruised easily.  This man seeks a partner who will protect him from harsh realities of life.  

Pisces tend to retreat to his dream world when upset, so it is important for him to be paired with a strong woman who would encourage him to face life’s disappointments without fear.  

Scorpio And Pisces Compatibility Verdict

Scorpio matches really well with Pisces. When these two meet for the first time, they will be amazed on how spot on their connection is. This couple will find themselves comfortable in opening up about things that they’d normally lay out in the open.  

Scorpio and Pisces are both intuitive.  Early on in their relationship, this couple will know for sure that what they have between them is beyond special.  These two will be lost in their emotions but in a good way.  

Scorpio’s possessiveness usually causes rifts with others, but not with Pisces.  The dreamer of the Zodiac will even appreciate how protective his/her partner is.  The Fish will deem it as a manifestation of Scorpio’s true love.

What can rock their boat?  Pisces gets easily hurt and Scorpio tends lash out mean words when disappointed or hurt.  Although known to be very forgiving, Pisces might retreat to his/her own little world till the wounds heal.  Scorpio must learn to control that temper so the Fish won’t swim away.

My Verdict:  Scorpio and Pisces are perfectly in sync and their relationship can last a lifetime.

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