Libra And Pisces Compatibility, Love Match & Friendship

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac.  It is a Cardinal, Positive, Air sign. Libra is known to be the sign of partnerships.  People born between September 22 and October 22 are born peacemakers and idealists with logical minds.  

Their planetary symbol, the Scales indicates to their need for balance in every area of their lives.  Librans are magnetic, sociable, diplomatic and intelligent.  

What you’ll find in this article:

On their off days, they are beset with indecision.  Librans are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love. Therefore, they are true romantics. Libra brings excitement and fun to their relationships. They seek perfect long term relationships.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac.  It is a Mutable, Negative, Water sign.  The last sign of the Zodiac is considered the most evolved of all signs.  People born between February 20 and March are ruled by Neptune, the planet of inspiration and imagination and Jupiter. Neptune is associated with intuition, sensitivity, dreams and romanticism.  

The negative influences of this planet make Pisceans gullible, confused and fickle.  Jupiter manifests its influence on this sign’s generosity and compassion.  Pisceans are very empathic and sensitive to the needs of others.  Two Fish swimming   in opposite directions, upstream and down, is the symbol of Pisces.  

Pisces is a true romantic who is highly sensitive to the feelings and moods of the one they love.  They are gentle, understanding, trustworthy, motherly, intuitive and totally selfless when in love. These individuals put the needs of their partners first, so it is important that they get involved with people who will not take advantage of them.

Pisceans fall in love easily and have the tendency to choose the wrong partners; their hearts out shadow logic when in love which can be frustrating at times.  Those born under this sign match well with equally sensitive Water signs and more emotionally grounded Earth signs.  

Will Pisces be able to give the balance that Libra seeks?  Read on to find out if their stars are aligned or mismatched.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is a sweet, caring, compassionate, sensitive soul who yearns for a fairy tale like romance. One is truly fortunate to be loved by this selfless woman who will instinctively know the needs of her man and give without being asked.  In order to win this dreamy lady, a man must shower her with sincere romantic gestures from day one.  

Write her love letters….surprise her with flowers or send messages to let her know she’s special.  Pisces is deeply in touched with her emotions so she falls for a man who knows how to make her heart flutter and give her butterflies in her stomach.  

This lady sees the world thru rose-tinted glasses and get easily upset when reality bites. She’s best paired with a man who can help her cope with disappointments bravely.

It’s almost impossible not to notice a Libra man in the crowd.  His smile is bewitching and his social graces are just too impeccable.  What kind of woman wins the heart of the life of the party?  What else but a beautiful, mysterious, honest, fair, intelligent and independent lady!  

When Libra is smitten, he will go far and beyond to impress his lady love with romantic gestures.  This man takes his time to get to know a woman prior to getting into a relationship with her.  He just wants to be certain that the relationship will work out perfectly and that she truly is the one destined for him.  Women who are clingy, jealous and pretentious will not get past the dating stage.

Libra Woman and Pisces Man

Libra woman is charming, classy, smart, gracious and friendly.  It is not surprising that men find her irresistible.  What kind of man wins the heart of this social butterfly?  How about someone who appeals to her eyes, heart and mind?  

He must be able to converse with her intellectually.  Libra loves to mingle and keep her social circle growing.  A man must be able to understand her need for space.  When it comes to courting, this lady wants to be treated like a princess.  

He must be able to find unique ways to show her that she is the apple of his eyes.  More importantly, Libra woman doesn’t like to be rushed.  He has to be persistent and patient until she’s certain about her feelings.  

Women are drawn to quiet, strong, instinctive and smart Pisces.  In love he is passionate, sensitive and sensual.  This man is an old soul who prefers to woo and court the traditional way.  He seeks to have a long term relationship with a partner who is simple, romantic and affectionate.  He gets attracted to a woman who appreciates his sharp mind and admires his creativity.  Pretentious or flaky women make him flee.  

When in a relationship, this man will shower his ladylove with unconditional love.  He is very supportive of his woman’s aspirations and will not prevent his partner from accomplishing her goals in life and career.  

Libra And Pisces Compatibility Verdict

Libra will be mystified by dreamy Pisces while the latter will be swept away by romantic gestures.  Their relationship will be ultra-romantic because Libra goes all out for love when smitten while Pisces yearns to be swept away by love.  These two have a lot to offer each other.

Whenever dreamy Pisces gets lost in all that wishful thinking, Libra will be around to temper him/her and help provide balance between reality and make believe.  On the other hand, Libra’s emotional detachment can be subdued by Pisces sensitivity.  

Libra is a peacemaker while Pisces is compassionate.  There’s just no room for ill feelings between these two because they understand each other really well.  

If ever conflicts arise, Libra will be careful in hurting the sensitive Pisces because of his/her desire to maintain harmony in their relationship.  Libra will never take advantage of Piscean’s selflessness.  Pisces tend to choose the wrong partner and stay in a relationship for the wrong reasons.  But with Libra, everything falls into place.  

My Verdict:  Libra and Pisces are perfect for each other.

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