Aquarius And Pisces Compatibility, Love And Friendship

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac.  It is a Masculine, Fixed, Positive, Air sign.  People born between January 20 and February 18 are unique and inventive due to the strong influence of Uranus.   The planet of invention renders these individuals with a very progressive outlook.  The planetary symbol of this sign is the Water Bearer.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Aquarians are known to be intelligent and the best way to connect with them is thru the mind.  Those born under this sign are very independent and resist any form of restrictions in life and love.  These quiet rebels take their sweet time to fall in love.  With too many things going in their minds, matters of the heart are often shelved till the right one comes along.

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac.    Pisces is a culmination of traits possessed by other signs and is also viewed as the most evolved sign of the zodiac.  It is a Feminine, Mutable, negative, Water sign which is symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions.

Pisces is ruled by watery planet, Neptune.  It renders those born under this sign with deep and complex emotions.  People born between February 19 and March 20 are extremely empathic and sensitive to the needs of others.  They are known to be the most selfless sign in the zodiac.

In love, Pisces plays the role of the giver who would always go the extra mile to make his/her partner happy and content.  This trait can possibly backfire if he/she is involved with a selfish person.  

Pisces must learn to pull the stops and get used to being on the receiving end from time to time.  Love after all is a two way street.  Pisceans dream of true love so they match well with romantic, caring, sensitive and faithful partners. 
Indecisiveness is a weakness they need to curb so partners who will encourage them to believe in themselves and motivate them to take risks are perfect for our zodiac dreamers.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is very feminine, sweet and kind.  She is also very good in picking up on the feelings and needs of people around her.  This lady’s intuition is always spot on and won’t hesitate to help out or give without being asked.  The most generous giver of the zodiac is truly a gem to her friends and to her partner.  It is not surprising that she is very romantic.  

This sweet dreamer loves to be wooed the old fashioned way.  She falls for a man who is well mannered, affectionate and compassionate.  Pisceans are very emotional so her partner must be prepared for a roller coaster ride.  

Aquarius man is overflowing with charisma and has a very active social life. However, this man is often unattached much to the surprise and delight of his admirers.  Does he fall in love? Yes, but he has commitment issues.  This man is governed by his mind and when he finds himself flooded by emotions, he gets overwhelmed and confused. Flight is usually his response.  
He needs an open-minded partner who can give him a lot of space and accept his ways.  Demanding, needy and clingy women do not match him well.  He seeks a strong, intelligent, independent and trustworthy woman.

Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man

Aquarius woman is a breath of fresh air.  She’s unique, cheery, quirky and intelligent.  Ms. Water Bearer earns a lot of admirers but she is not the type to get involved in haste.  Her freedom and independence matter more to her than being in love.  She can take on any challenge in life and work but it’s a different story when it comes to being involved.  

This feisty lady shies away from commitment. Emotional attachment gives her the jitters.  A man must be very patient in wooing her.  It’s best to be her friend first so she could warm up to him and take it from there.  A partner who can cope with her unpredictability and who can give her a lot of space, matches her well.

Pisces man seems too caught up in his dreams to have time for love.  Truth is, a romantic soul lies within. This man thinks long term and would give his best effort to make his ladylove happy and content. He seeks a woman who mirrors his views on life and love.  
This man gets attracted to a woman who shares the same interests.  He falls for someone who is genuinely nice, caring, affectionate and honest.  He is very sensitive and intuitive so he can sense one’s intentions a mile away.  Pretentious ladies need not waste his time.  This man can be emotionally vulnerable, so he needs a strong woman to lean on when the going gets tough.  

Aquarius And Pisces Compatibility Verdict

Aquarius will leave Pisces fascinated while the latter will intrigue the other.  Initially these two will have an amazing “get to know you” phase.  They will discover that they have traits that gel.  Aquarius is innately humanitarian while Pisces is selfless.  

These two will share the same level of compassion for others in need.  Both seek intelligent partners and won’t be disappointed with the way their conversations flow because one loves to impart knowledge while the other loves to learn and listen.  They are both gifted with social skills even though they love to be alone most of the time.

Here comes phase 2.  After the pull of strong attraction, one will yearn for a deeper connection and glitches start to unfold.  First, Aquarius takes the long route to commitment while Pisces wants to seal the love earlier. If the Fish starts to feel that he/she is being taken for granted, he/she will step on the breaks so as not to prolong their pain.

Second, Aquarius will always come up short on meeting the emotional demands of Pisces. Aquarius process everything with his/her mind while Pisces, being the most sensitive sign of all, allows his/her heart to rule.

My Verdict: This relationship has the potential to last if it stays platonic.

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