Gemini And Scorpio Compatibility, Love Match And Friendship

People born between May 22 and June 21 are known for their “split personality”.  Gemini, the Twins are quite complex in nature and trying to understand how their minds work will give one a headache.  Ruled by Mercury, winged messenger of the Gods, these people take on life at full speed and prefer to go where the wind blows.  Life is one big adventure for them so they need to be out and about to be at their best.

In love, Geminis fall for people who are extremely witty and humorous.  Being an Air sign, the Twins got to be captured first through their minds.  Gemini is a Mutable sign, which explains why these people seek variety and demand lots of excitement.  They love to be in the company of other people and seek the kind of life where they can divide time between love and their pursuits.

What you’ll find in this article:

People born between October 24 and November 22 fall under the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio. A feminine, fixed, negative, water sign which is symbolized by the Scorpion. This sign has two planetary rulers Mars, God of war and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.

Described as the most invincible of the zodiac signs, a darker side of their personality exists and that is their inability to forget a slight.  Scorpions are loyal, passionate, intense, observant and dynamic. On the flipside they can be jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative and unyielding.

Like any other sign in the Zodiac, Scorpions have their flaws when it comes to love. These people expect undivided attention and devotion from their partners because they want their love to be reciprocated.

Jealousy can sometimes hinder their relationships from moving further.  It is very important for their partners to prove their trustworthiness.  Any sign of flightiness will cause a Scorpion to turn his/her back on a relationship.  

What is in store for a Gemini and Scorpio matchup?   Are their stars aligned? Read on to find out more.

Gemini Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility

This man will be intrigued by the sexiest and most mysterious of the twelve zodiac signs, Scorpio. Gemini would want to discover the woman behind the façade.  He will fascinate her with his wit and stories in order to break down her barriers.  

Although she is a private soul, this lady is outgoing, funny and smart. If there’s anyone who can coerce her to open up, it’s our gifted communicator Gemini.  I think, it is possible for him to help her break free from all her personal issues.

Gemini man tends to fall for someone who is funny, witty, daring, exciting and willing to accept his unpredictability. On the other hand, Scorpio woman is looking for someone who will love her unconditionally and give her all the time in the world.

Like other zodiac signs, Gemini will hit it off well with Scorpio woman in the early stages of dating, but the question is, will he be able to cope with her moodiness, jealous nature and possessiveness? He values his freedom and will be at his worst when someone tries to control him. He is also flirtatious and very sociable, so this man could be quite a handful for her.

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Scorpio man is really magnetic but always seems to have something dangerous about him. Perhaps it’s due to the emotional wall that he puts up.  No one can get too close for comfort unless his trust is earned. He is a basket full of emotions that can be too much to handle for anyone including him!  

Chatty and inquisitive Gemini woman will not step on the brakes when she is drawn to someone.  She is more than capable of unlocking the door to his guarded world.

Gemini woman knows no bounds when smitten.  Once she has found “the One” she will be extremely affectionate while he will be generous, devoted and very affectionate when in love.  The perfect partner for a Scorpio man is someone who is really understanding, calm, loyal and good natured to make their connection work.  

However, it is a known fact that a Scorpio can be jealous and possessive so his relationships must be deeply rooted in trust and love.  He is looking for a partner who is levelheaded, will not trigger his jealousy and will truly appreciate all the effort he puts in to make the relationship work.  

Gemini And Scorpio Compatibility Verdict

Air sign (Gemini) and water sign (Scorpio) matchup have glaring issues that they need to deal with to make this relationship last.  

First, Gemini, the social butterfly wants to be out and about while Scorpio, the loner tends to be overly possessive when in love.  Scorpio wants to be with Gemini all the time but the latter wants to divide time between his/her partner and friends.  Scorpio must learn to loosen up because putting a leash on Gemini will put an end to their relationship.  

Second, Scorpion’s legendary jealousy plus Gemini’s flirtatious nature is a toxic combination.  The twins must learn how to avoid actions and situations that will provoke jealousy.  It is better to earn Scorpio’s trust than be stung by its tail!  Both must work on building trust and respect.

Third, when these two argue it will be a heated battle of words.  Scorpio’s words can sting while Gemini will debate until he/she gets in the last word. Scorpio must learn to temper his/her words while Gemini must learn to listen and allow the other to speak as well.  

My Verdict:  People may find this pairing a bit odd since Geminis are outgoing and vibrant while Scorpios are quiet and brooding.  

From the outside it would seem like it won’t work out but truth is, in their hearts these two are less different than they seem. Their stars may not be perfectly aligned but these two are strongly drawn to each other….just look at Nichole Kidman (Gemini) and Keith Urban (Scorpio).

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