Taurus And Gemini Compatibility, Love And Friendship

What happens when grounded Taurus meets restless and animated Gemini for the first time?  Will the Bull Run away from the chatty Twins? Anything is possible under the stars so let’s take a closer look.

Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac represents growth and development.  This fixed sign is naturally stubborn and hard to convince refusing to give in to many issues.  However, people born between April 21 and May 21 will usually relent for the sake of peace and harmony.   Taurus is the most stubborn earth sign and is slow to change.  Unlike their neighbors Aries who are too eager to start things right away, these people will move slowly, conservatively and cautiously.  

What you’ll find in this article:

When it comes to love, Taurus will contemplate, carefully device a strategy and wait, wait, wait for the right time to take action.  Ho hum?! Not really, they just don’t leave a lot of room for error.  The downside, although their patience is admirable it can also lead to procrastination.

Taurus will take wooing slowly and carefully.  No amount of prodding will speed up the process, because it will take a wrecking ball to change the ways of a Bull.

Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac represents quickness of thought and fluent communication.  Ruled by Mercury, these people exhibit a strong need to verbally communicate their thoughts and feelings.  People born between May 22 and June 21 are known to be very entertaining, witty, funny, generous, unpredictable and fickle.  They are popular for their dual nature.  Life is never boring with the twins; one is quiet and aloof while the other is chatty and charming.  

The instantaneous personality switches can be off-putting but Geminis are just too adorable to ignore.  The Twins are capable of charming their way into the hearts of people with their words.  Some are even prone to exaggerate a bit in order to persuade others.  In extreme cases, they even resort to flatteries and lies to get their way.  They love to talk and shine best in a gathering of willing listeners.  

When it comes to relationships, these free spirited Air sign seeks partners who can converse well. Being a mutable sign Gemini has a strong need for variety and change.  Monotony is not their cup of tea. The Twins are most compatible with signs that will give them freedom and excitement.

A relationship with a Gemini may progress slowly but it will be worth the wait.

Earth and Air, Fixed and Mutable, we all know opposites attract but can initial attraction progress to commitment?  

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

Taurus man is an old school charmer who will delight his object of affection with his good manners and thoughtfulness.  He is very patient and treads cautiously in life and love. As an earth sign, Taurus will take things slow and only when he’s certain of his feelings will he move on to the next stage of courtship.  Unlike his neighbor Aries who would charge recklessly, Taurus will put in a lot of time planning his every move.

Witty, charming and adorably unpredictable the Gemini woman will be intrigued by the quiet Taurus in the room.  She is drawn to people who are as outgoing and adventurous as she is but can also be attracted to strong silent types like him.  

Her dual nature may catch the stable Taurus off guard but if his strategies are already in place and he is really smitten, he will pursue her and will wait until she is ready to be committed. Since he prefers a fixed routine, she will be like a breath of fresh air to his life. Her spontaneity and his fixed ways will produce a sweet and spicy blend.

Taurus Woman and Gemini Man

Sensible and patient Taurus woman will be drawn to the witty and magnetic Gemini man.  Initially she would be impressed by this man’s ability to talk about anything under the sun and intrigued by his adventurous streak.  She loves to be wooed the old fashioned way and he is willing to adapt in order to win his lady love.  His love for variety will be a welcome change to her monotonous life while her ability to finish what she started

If this relationship moves on to the next level, she has to be the one to keep things in perspective for the flighty Gemini.  On the other hand, he must teach her a thing or two about curbing her stubbornness and loosening up to welcome changes.  The twins need outlet for all that energy so she must be ready to come out of her nest and join him in his adventure.  Confining him to the life she is used to will definitely take him out of the picture.  When his need for variety is not met, he will likely seek out someone else who is more understanding.

Perhaps the most famous pairing of a Gemini Man and a Taurus Woman is power couple Donald and Melania Trump. “The” Donald has a magnetic personality although his abrasive nature would be regarded as other things except witty by his Republican Party mates. For sure Mr. Trump can give Melania more interesting topics to talk about other than President Obama, the Immigration Law and Donald Trump. But the marriage has lasted this far and appears to be going strong.

Let’s hope bull-strong Melania does not pull the trigger and tell Donald “You’re Fired!”

Taurus And Gemini Compatibility Verdict

This relationship is at its best when it is undemanding and understanding. Opposites attract and have the potential to move on a notch higher, when both accept and learn from their differences.

Balance can be achieved between these signs when they remember that their opposing traits are what attracted them to each other in the first place. Gemini people have much to learn from Taurus about focusing on the task at hand while the bull can learn to embrace flexibility and adaptability from the Twins.  Taurus must be good listeners to match the Gemini’s need to be heard and understood.  If both master the art of give and take, this relationship has the strong potential to last!

Taurus are faithful and will try their best to work things out with their partners.  Owing to their stubbornness, the bull will not quit even when the relationship is on the rocks.  Considering their emotional changeability, Geminis are surprisingly loyal partners for as long as their need for excitement and change are met.  

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