Gemini Zodiac Sign Is Exceptional Because Of 5 Reasons

Want to make some noise? Get the chatty Gemini in the room! Born with the gift of gab, these amusing twins will set things in motion with their wit, humor and antics.

Their dual nature makes them interesting: One twin wants to stay in a corner drinking coffee while reading a book, while the other wants to spend all afternoon on the phone talking with or texting friends. You may find them a little odd on your first encounter, but there’s more to them than what meets the eye.
Geminis are really animated and overflowing with energy. They are very restless. They get bored easily because their minds are always hungry for new ideas and pursuits.

Things will never be ho-hum when you are with a Gemini. Imagine chatting with Johhny Depp, Nichole Kidman and Angelina Jolie! Their minds can effortlessly jump from one topic to another.

Conversations with them are amusing and believe it or not, very informative.
Intrigued by a Gemini? Read and find out how the twins can add color to your life.

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1. Geminis are brilliant talkers

They are gifted with excellent speaking skills, thanks to their ruling planet Mercury “The Messenger of the Gods”. Geminis really speak well and show it best at any form of social gathering, on stage and debates. Conversation ignites a Gemini so when asked to share his/her opinion, you’ll see a smart chatterbox that can shift from topic to topic.
The twins are inquisitive and extremely curious. The Gemini zodiac sign is known to keep themselves up to date by reading books and searching the World Wide Web.When they are not chatting up a storm, they are usually occupied with learning new things.

Since they love to feed their minds, these chatter box are well informed and will not feed you with nonsensical ideas.
Known to be one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, they have ready answers to your questions ranging from difficult to the most mundane.

Geminis are like walking search engines! Expect information overload when they start speaking. Your first encounter with them will surely leave a lasting impression.

2. They are very witty and funny

This dual Air sign will definitely impress you with their wit and humor, and you will never get bored in their company. A Gemini can easily keep you entertained and engrossed for hours. They love to be engaged in amusing banters because this gives them an opportunity to show off their perfect comedic timing and witty remarks. With Geminis, ideas come at a lightning speed so anyone who thinks they can outwit them is up for a tough but fun battle.
Those that belong to the Gemini zodiac sign are light-hearted and find humor in practically everything. They are gifted storytellers and great impersonators. Although they are prone to mood swings, nothing will stop them from being the life of the party or class clown. There won’t be a dull moment when a Gemini is in the house. Be ready to laugh and listen for hours, because they love to chatter and share loads of great ideas. They just never run out of stories to tell!!

3. Geminis are awesome because they are unpredictable

Monotony will have no place in your life when you are in the company of a Gemini. Versatile precisely describes this dual sign. These social chameleons can switch from one character to the next depending on who they are with.

Since the Gemini has multiple personalities, you can never be sure who you’ll be with the next time you are with them. Just like a box of chocolates….you’ll never know what you’ll get! For them, life is sweeter that way.
They welcome changes with open arms because they believe that variety adds excitement to life. A Gemini prefers to be out on a journey to know more about the world and how minds work. Curiosity runs in their blood.

They love to discover new things and meet new people because they don’t like to be tied down. Be ready for an exciting adventure with this air sign. Just learn to keep up with your companion’s multiplicity. Their goal is to amuse and not to cause trouble.

4. Geminis are great team players

They quickly adapt to any given situation. They are good in multi-tasking. Gemini can be efficient team players even if they get easily distracted. If the task nails their interest, the Gemini won’t take a break and will put in long hours until the project is completed.

However, if the task at hand is boring, they will most likely move on to a more challenging task and leave the project unfinished. It’s important that the task assigned to them will keep them busy, occupied, and allow him to use his communication skills. They will excel in sales, web development, social media advertising and journalism.
Gemini people love to be informed about all that is going on around them, the downside to that is they are prone to gossiping. They don’t like to be in the dark about people they work with.

Geminis are willing learners and look for guidance and advice in the workplace. Mentors, feed their curiosity so they are always in search for good ones.

5. Gemini is generous and kind

Gemini may be fickle at times but when it comes to helping people, they are one track minded. Geminis are sympathetic to the plight of the poor. Their unselfish nature brings them across the globe just to help or ease the sufferings of people in need.

They will be active in participating in projects related to reaching and helping the poor or fighting for a cause. Need proof? Just look at Angelina Jolie’s track record.
They are extremely generous, sometimes to a fault. They are known to put the needs of others above theirs. If a family member is in need of financial assistance, without batting an eyelash they will gladly offer to help and dip into their savings.

If a Gemini is called to stand up for a cause, they will drop everything just to be able to show support.

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