Leo And Libra Compatibility, Love & Friendship

Leo is the zodiac sign of people born between July 23 and August 22.  It is a Fixed, Masculine, Fire sign bearing the planetary symbol, the Lion.  These individuals possess the bright qualities of their planetary ruler, the Sun.  Leos are very charismatic and vibrant due to the fact that they belong to one of the most powerfully positive signs in the zodiac world.  

Those born under this sign are marked with confidence, warmth, joy, creativity and generosity. Arrogance, stubbornness and self-absorption are personality hurdles they may need to battle with from time to time.  These sunny creatures are romantic in nature.  Love is a key component to their existence.

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People born between September 23 and October 22 fall under the seventh sign of the Zodiac, Libra.  This is a Masculine, Cardinal, Air sign which is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love.  These individuals are known to be peace loving and harmonious.  Symbolized by the scales, Libra relates to the laws of justice.  

It is not surprising that every Libran out there is brilliant in weighing the pros and cons of any given situation.  Those born under this sign are also diplomatic, kind hearted and charismatic.  However, they struggle with indecisiveness in their desire to come up with a fair decision.

In love Librans are very romantic which is mainly due to the influence of Venus. They prefer long term relationships and stay loyal to their partners.

One thing is for certain, a Libra will never take advantage of anyone nor do anything to tip the balance of fairness.  Love is sacred to them so these people are not the kind to do anything foolish to cause their relationships to crumble.  Attractive Librans are drawn to beautiful people.  They are not the type to rush into love and will take their sweet time to get to know the other person before making a move.  

Leo and Libra together is a sight to behold.  Will their relationship be as good as they look?  Read on to find out more about this matchup.

Leo Man and Libra Woman

How does one capture the attention of the man who is at the center of it all?  Leo manages to grab the limelight without really trying.  When he walks into the room and starts mingling, people naturally gravitate towards him.   

The King of the jungle can be very picky when selecting a partner.  Searching for his Queen can take a lot of work because he wants someone who meets his standards.  He gets attracted to strong, independent and beautiful women while flighty ones turn him off. A Leo falls in love with a woman who can turn his world upside down.  This hopeless romantic will woo his lady love the grandiose way.

Libra woman possess charm and grace that will never go unnoticed.  She loves to be in the spotlight. This beauty and brains gain a lot of admirers, who must wait it out because this lady doesn’t like to be rushed when it comes to love.  She prefers to take her time before giving her heart to anyone.  

This lady doesn’t mind being unattached because she’s dead set on finding the “one” for her.  This social butterfly falls for good looking, witty, well-mannered men who are involved in humanitarian works.  

Leo Woman and Libra Man

Eyes are all on her when she walks into a room.  This lady beams and she loves it.  No one else in the zodiac is more comfortable being the center of attention than a Leo. Men are naturally drawn to this charmer.  

In love, she wants to be adored and attended to like she’s the only person in existence.  This woman expects to be treated in the same way she treats her partner.  Love, respect and trust are key factors in all her relationships.  She falls for men who admire her explicitly.  While a man who will treat her like a queen and prove his love beyond doubt will capture her heart.

A Libra man is quite the charmer too.  A Leo woman will surely be enamored by this suave man whose looks have eyes turning wherever he goes.  A born romantic, this man prefers to take things slow.  He likes to weigh the pros and cons before he makes a move.  

Once a Libra sets his eyes on someone he’s certain of, he will stop at nothing to win his lady love.  This charmer gets attracted to well groomed, beautiful women who can converse well. He falls in love with a woman who is classy, intelligent and trustworthy.  When this man falls in love, he is usually in it for the long haul.

Leo And Libra Compatibility Verdict

Leo and Libra are two beautiful people who both love the spotlight.  Not only do they look great together, these two are good for each other.  Will they have trouble sharing the spotlight?  Not these two, because Libra will be able to provide the necessary balance in Leo’s life.  If there’s anyone who can tone down Leo’s stubbornness and arrogance, it’s a Libra.  

This couple will hit it off the first time they meet.  They will not run out of things to talk about, from the most mundane to the most relevant social issue. The Lion will be proud to have the good looking and charming Libra in his/her arms.  This matchup has the potential to last long and even lead to marriage because both are in love with love.

Relationship woes are inevitable and for these two, it can rise from Leo’s jealousy.  Libra is a social butterfly and when a Lion is in love he/she gets too territorial.  The King of the jungle may try to control Libra’s every move.  

The latter is non-confrontational so if this issue gets buried and isn’t resolved early on in their relationship, harbored ill feelings may blow up one day and cause a damage that can’t be fixed.  Leo must learn to let go of claiming attitudes and focus on strengthening bonds of trust.

Compatibility Verdict:  A match made in heaven.  

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