Sagittarius And Aquarius Compatibility, Love And Friendship

People born between November 22 and December 21 fall under the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius.  It is a Masculine, Mutable, Positive, Fire sign.  

The Archer or Centaur is the planetary symbol of Sagittarius. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune influences these people to be very optimistic and confident.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Being a Fire sign, Sagittarius rush into love and pursue the one like there is no tomorrow.  However, commitment scares them and the very thought of it makes them fall out of love fast.  Anyone who can take away the Sagittarian’s love jitters will be able to make him/her stay for good.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It is a Masculine, Fixed, Positive, Air sign.  The Water bearer is the planetary symbol of Aquarius.  Uranus rules people born between January 20 and February 18.  

The planet of invention influences these individuals to be unique, original and independent. Aquarians are believed to possess a special spark of genius. They are also known to be idealists, non-conformists and humanitarians.  Unpredictability and strong insistence to be different are personality hurdles that Aquarians need to overcome.  

Because Aquarius is such an unconventional and unpredictable sign, people who fall for them find it quite challenging to gauge their sincerity.  On a good note, being in a relationship with them can be fun and full of surprises…..just like a box of chocolates!  

In love, one must not waste time analyzing the Water Bearer’s every move and it’s best to just go with the flow.  These individuals are very independent, so they require space and time for themselves.

Controlling or imposing rules on them will only push them away.  Aquarians seek partners who will accept them for who they are and not dare to change them at all.

Is Aquarius a good match to the elusive Sagittarius? Read on and find out if their stars are aligned.

Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman manages to stand out because she’s truly one of a kind.  She exudes a strong sense of self and a spark of genius.  

This quiet rebel will leave people in the room wondering and interested. It takes time to get to know an Aquarian and establish an emotional connection with her.  It is better to be friends with her first before making a move to win her heart.  

This lady will match well with a man who can help her be in touch with her feelings.  In love, this lady is faithful and loving but requires a lot of “me” time.  In that sense, a controlling and possessive man does not match well with her.  

The Archer is delightful to be around. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with an eternal optimist? He is the perfect companion because adventure is his twin. Women are drawn to this intelligent, easy going man who seems to have answers to everything. He gets attracted to intelligent and independent women.  

Sagittarius man pursues a woman relentlessly when he thinks he’s in love. However, no matter how sincere his feelings are this man is known to be non-committal.  It would be best to wait for the day when he’s ready because forcing this man to commit is like showing him the way out.  

Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man

Sagittarius woman beams with positivity that people are naturally drawn to her.  Her friendly and fun-loving nature never fails to attract admirers and friends.  She prefers to be out there exploring and discovering new things because of her inquisitive mind.

Although she loves being in love, this lady will forego a relationship that makes her feel locked up or controlled.  Lady Archer needs a partner who will be able to understand her need for space and support her quest for knowledge.  

She gets attracted to adventurous and open-minded men.  This woman is a social butterfly and wouldn’t want her partner to clip her wings.  

Capricorn man seems too caught up with his life goals, that one would wonder if he ever has time for love. Truth be told, Goats desire to be loved and loved.  In fact, they are the types who seek long term relationships.  

He takes love seriously so he doesn’t really mind delaying his search until the right one comes along.  A good natured, traditional, intelligent and reliable woman will surely enamor him.

Capricorns prefer to be stable in all areas of his life before getting seriously involved with someone.  He is not the type to rush into love because his mind rules his heart more often than not. The key to his heart is winning his trust 100%.  

Sagittarius And Aquarius Compatibility Verdict

What happens when two free spirited, independent and intelligent people meet?  Fireworks!

Sagittarius will definitely make the first move here because Aquarius shies away from people he/she is attracted to.  From the onset, one can tell that these two are alike in so many ways.  

Both are intelligent.  One seeks knowledge while the other is a natural born genius. This couple can chat up a storm and not run out of things to discuss. Both dislike restrictions, so they match well because they can provide each other space and time to do things apart. 

Sagittarius is a social butterfly and Aquarius will not fuss on it because he/she isn’t the jealous type.  Although the latter is a closet introvert, Water bearer has a lot of friends he/she can turn to when the Archer is out to have fun.  

In love, both have the same approach.  Love and freedom must go hand in hand for the relationship to last.

Some people will find it difficult to get involve with any of them because of their independence, emotional distance and fear of commitment.  However, because they share the same outlook on love, this couple will be able to avoid conflict.  

None of them are governed by emotions.  So this relationship will be free from too much drama and angst.  

My Verdict:  Sagittarius and Aquarius are kindred spirits whose relationship has the potential to go a long, long way.