Virgo And Pisces Compatibility, Love, Friendship

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac.  It is a Feminine, Mutable, Earth sign.  Mercury, the planet of communication is the ruler of this sign. People born between August 22 and September 21, are attractive, reserved, methodical, orderly and selfless.  

What you’ll find in this article:

They have the tendency to be fussy, obsessive compulsive and critical.  Virgos are very choosy in love and set highs standards for their future partners.  They are always in pursuit of perfection in work, life and love. Everything must fall into place according to their plans before getting into a serious relationship.Virgos are compatible with water and Earth signs.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac.  It is a Feminine, Mutable, Water sign.  People born between February 19 and March 20 are ruled by Neptune, the planet of inspiration and imagination.  The last sign of the Zodiac is symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions.  

Pisceans are considered to be the most sensitive among all zodiac signs.

They are known to be family-oriented, compassionate and generous.  Family and friends can count on these people to be there when the need arises.  They have innate ability to sense what other people need and give without being asked.  No wonder they are cherished by a lot of people.

Pisceans make gentle, loving and generous partners.  They dream of fairy tale relationships.  These people are more than willing to go an extra mile for the one they love.

However, their selfless nature can be detrimental to them.  If partnered with someone selfish and insensitive, a Pisces will be taken advantage of.  They have the tendency to turn a blind eye to glaring flaws of their partners and stick it out even if the relationship weighs heavily on them.  

Those born under this sign are well matched with Water and Earth signs because these people share the same level of emotional sensitivity.

Will Virgo and Pisces end up happily together?  Read on, to discover what’s written in their stars?

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman

Dreamy Pisces woman longs for real love and yearns to be courted and wooed the old fashioned way.  This lady Fish wants romance and to live happily-ever-after.  She gets attracted to neat and well-mannered men.  

Her heart falls for a thoughtful man who knows how to listen and make her feel appreciated.  Romantic expressions of love will keep this lady walking on clouds.  Pisces woman is extremely sensitive to the needs of her partner.  

Most of the time she plays the role of a giver and this is why it is important that the man in her life will not take advantage of her.  She maybe selfless but this lady will not let a man walk on her for far too long and will end a relationship that is doing her more harm than good.  

Virgo man is not all about looks.  He seeks a woman who is genuinely nice, confident, honest and independent.  Shallow and self-centered women will never get past hi and hello.

He believes that everything must be perfect to achieve happiness, so this man will set up a plan of action before making a move towards a woman. His tendency to overanalyze every little detail, leads him to miss out on wonderful opportunities in love.

He may not be the most romantic sign in the Zodiac, but he has own ways of showing his love. Virgo man matches well with a woman who will support and encourage him in all his endeavors.  

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man

It will take a patient man to win the love of a Virgo woman because she’s very meticulous even in selecting her partner. A man must be able to meet her high standards in order to win her.  He has to be neat, well-groomed, organized, witty, independent and hard working.  

A dishonest man who is never on time will surely get a thumbs down from her.  She maybe hard to please but when this lady falls, she will make sure everything comes out perfect for the man she loves.  Her attention to details can be quite overwhelming but rest assured this lady only wants what’s best for the relationship.

Pisces man seeks a soulmate he can share the rest of his life with. He gets attracted to women who are creative, sweet, generous and protective.  Women who are judgmental, overbearing and tactless turn him off.  

Pisces is a creature of romance but he does not wear heart on his sleeves. He is also hesitant to make the first move because he cannot handle rejection well. A little nudge or hint from a woman will set him on first gear and start courting the old fashioned way.

This man maybe tough outside but is very sensitive.  A hurtful remark can send him spiraling downwards, so a woman who knows how boost his self-esteem is good for him.

Virgo And Pisces Compatibility Verdict

This matchup can go either way.  It can work out because Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign and usually this kind of pairing works well. Virgo’s structured approach on life will help the dreamy Fish get in touch with reality.  

Pisces on the other hand will be by Virgo’s side when disappointments take its toll and help him/her deal with life’s imperfections better.  

It’s highly likely that this couple will clash a lot. Virgo’s critical nature will hit the nerve of onion skinned Pisces.  They have the tendency to cross the line when their desire to help their partners border on wanting to change them.  

Virgo must learn to embrace his/her partner’s imperfections or this relationship will not last.  Although Pisceans are known to be tolerant of their partners mistakes, if they receive one too many hurtful remarks they will choose to walk away.

Another source of glitch is Virgo may be too caught up in work to be able to spend quality time with Pisces.

My Verdict: These two will not be on the same page most of the time.  Almost good together but not meant to last.

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