Sagittarius And Sagittarius Compatibility, Love And Friendship

Sagittarius is the ninth sign if the zodiac.  It is a Masculine, Mutable, Positive, Fire sign.  People born between November 22 and December 21 are represented by the Archer, half centaur/half man.

This sign is under the rule of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune.

What you’ll find in this article:

It renders optimism and high level of self-confidence. Their thirst for knowledge and desire to teach others are unique to this sign because Sagittarius sits on the ninth house of the zodiac: the house of Philosophy.  These individuals want to live life to the fullest and their inquisitive minds bring them to different corners of the world.

Those born under this sign are very independent, optimistic, friendly and philosophical.  Archers have this natural inkling that luck is always on their side, so when they undertake new ventures these people are unstoppable.

However, those born under this sign are known to shoot their arrows so high that people around them are often left shaking their heads in disbelief.  

But Sagittarians will fight to the finish and put naysayers in their proper places.  No one can put a good man/woman down! On the flipside, impatience is a hurdle that they must learn to overcome in order to keep things in better perspective.  

When it comes to matters of the heart, Sagittarians value their freedom so much and any form of restriction will make them restless.  These people do not seek love early on in their lives.  

Sagittarians prefer to be out there exploring rather than be boxed in by relationships.  Rushing them into committing to exclusivity will only push these wanderers away.  

They match well with people who can give them enough space to do things on their own and time to allow their feelings to fully evolve.  Archers clash with demanding, clingy and overbearing people.  Too much relationship drama will also send them scurrying away.

Sagittarius Woman and Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius woman is a seeker of truth.  She wants answers to her queries on life, people and love. The Archer loves lengthy conversations on any given topic.  She has a lot to share and is also willing to listen and learn. This lady is a prized possession of her social circle.  

Her friends truly cherish her because she is more than willing to help them in times of need. She just has the uncanny ability to sense a friend’s distress call and respond to it immediately.  

Not only is she a lifesaver but a court jester as well.  She brings laughter and cheers to everyone around her.  This lady beams with positivity which draws a lot of admirers.

When it comes to love, this independent woman is quite difficult to pin down.  Sagittarians cherish their independence far too much that matters of the heart often land in second place.  

However, when the right kind of man comes along, this lady will give love the time of day and will stay faithful to him.  He must be someone who can understand and embrace her ways.  

Jealous, controlling and possessive men will make her walk away.This man must always be ready to pack his bags for a fun adventure with this lady who finds happiness in discovering the unknown.  

Knowledge makes the world of a Sagittarian man go round.  He seeks to learn philosophy, religion, different cultures and meaning of life.  This man will go to the farthest corner of the world in order to find answers to his queries and will only come back home when content with his new discovery.  

The Sage or the counselor of the Zodiac feels the need to discover in order to teach others.  Due to Jupiter’s influence, this man feels that luck is always on his side.  He will go where no one dares and will passionately pursue his dreams regardless the odds.

Can an eternal wanderer stay in love?  Yes, but she has to match him well.  The Archer is looking for a woman who can love him faithfully and give him ample space for himself.  

He wants to be involved yet wants to be free.  Confusing?  Well, that’s just how the ball bounces in his world.  

This man’s thirst for knowledge must be quenched because he lives to explore and learn.  The perfect match for him is a woman who will not keep a noose on his neck and respect his independence.  

Archers run away from too much drama so a cool headed lady will surely make him stay.  He is a very loyal and romantic partner who will inject a lot of fun and adventure into his partner’s life.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Compatibility Verdict

Two people who think and feel alike always make a great couple.  In the case of two Sagittarians, fun and adventure begins and continues for as long as they have each other.  These two are perfect travel companions.  Spontaneity will take them anywhere their hearts desire and just go where the winds blow.

Friendship will be the springboard of their relationship.  Best friends who might end up getting married later on.   The only downside to this matchup is that they are too alike.  

Sagittarians loved to be challenged even in love, so familiarity might lead to boredom. They read each other all too well that there won’t be anything left to discover.  

The good thing about two Archers is that even if they don’t end up together, they will be able to remain great friends who will not run out of things to talk about, places to go to and fun memories to laugh about.  

If they manage to take their relationship notches higher, this couple will have a smooth sailing one.  Sagittarians are neither jealous nor possessive, so these two will be able to spend a lot of time together and apart.   

Bickering and melodrama will be non-existent as these two dislike any form of emotional outburst.  Their bluntness can ruffle their feathers but these two easily forgive and forget.

Compatibility Verdict:  These two will form a unique, fun filled and cool bond.  Two peas in a pod!

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