Leo And Capricorn Compatibility, Love & Friendship

Leo is a Masculine, Fixed, Fire sign.  The Lion, King of the Zodiac is the symbol of the fifth sign of the zodiac.  Ruled by the Sun, people born between July 23 and August 22 possess the brilliance of their planetary ruler.  

Sun influenced people are warm, charismatic, intelligent, creative and generous.  However, some are inclined to think that the center stage belongs only to them.

What you’ll find in this article:

With their intelligence and top of the line communication skills, they gain followers and admirers easily.  When it comes to love, Leos are known to allow their hearts to take the lead.  Romantic to the core, these people love generously but expect to receive as much from their partners.

Capricorn, tenth sign of the zodiac is considered the most stable and serious of the signs.  It is a Feminine, Cardinal, Earth sign which is represented by the symbol, the Mountain Goat.  People born between December 22 and January 20 are ruled by the planet Saturn, the Task master of the Zodiac.  

These individuals are born with a very strong desire to succeed in their ambitions.  Saturn’s influence pushes them to work long and hard for their goals.  Capricorns are known to be reserved, responsible, patient, ambitious and loyal.  However, they must learn to overcome their tendencies to be authoritarian and conceited.

In love, Capricorns are very loyal, patient, nurturing and devoted. The Goats are known to take love seriously and stand by the people they love through thick and thin.  However, they are inclined to put love on the backburner during their younger years in order to fulfill responsibilities to family or to attain their goals.

Earth signs like Capricorn seek responsible, ambitious and traditional partners.  These individuals are good prospects for those looking for long term relationships.  Since Capricorns are way too serious, they match well with outgoing people who can help them loosen up a bit by infusing laughter and spontaneity into their lives.

Can sunny Leo brighten up Capricorn’s life?  Will love bloom between these two? Read and find out what the stars say.

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman possess simplicity, elegance and grace that appeals to others.  She is not the type to make the first move to get acquainted.  It takes time for her to warm up to others and when she does, the witty, kind and loyal side of her comes out.  A man who wants to get to know her on a deeper level must first win her trust.  

This lady gets attracted to ambitious, driven and responsible men.  Capricorns prefer long term relationships leading to marriage so early in the relationship she gauges already if the guy has what it takes to be a good father and provider.   She is a very supportive partner and will be happy to stay in the background helping her man succeed.

Leo man never fails to leave a good impression.  With his charm, regal bearing, impressive communication skills, one would have to be an inanimate object to be unaffected by his presence. He loves being the center of attention and a sophisticated, feminine, smart and accomplished woman can take away his focus on himself.  

If a woman wants to get his attention, she must shower him with praises, surprises and engage him in interesting conversations.  When this man is smitten, he will do just about anything to win her heart.  Leo man makes a great husband and father and his faithfulness is legendary.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

The Queen seems to have it all.  Beauty, charisma, success, friends and admirers but this lady will not feel complete without true love….the kind that will last a lifetime.  To attract her, a man must be very attentive, generous with compliments (with this lady, flattery will get him somewhere) and funny.  

To capture her heart, he must treat her like a Queen and love her to the moon and back.  A Leo woman is a wonderful partner, giving and loving beyond expectations.  When she settles down, her husband and children will be her top priorities.  

Capricorn man is reserved and is uncomfortable when the spotlight is on him.  His social life is limited and will only thrive if it is necessary to expand his horizon in work or business.  

Ambitions fuel this man and his sights are fixed on them so most of them tend to have time for love when they are already financially stable.  An independent, funny, confident and well-mannered woman will capture his attention.  When a Goat falls in love, the lady will surely be included in his goals.  He is a great partner because this man will encourage and support his lady love to be successful too.  This man is a perfect candidate for a long term relationship and marriage.

Leo And Capricorn Compatibility Verdict

At the onset, Leo and Capricorn seem to be an unlikely pair. One is loud while the other is quiet. Leo is spontaneous, Capricorn is structured. If given a chance to be together this couple will discover that they actually complement each other and a “give and take” relationship ensues.  Capricorns are too focused on their goals that they need the right amount of sunshine in their lives.  

Being cooped up in work can turn them into moody pessimistic individuals, so it is best for them to be in the company of people like Leo who can show them that it is perfectly fine to have fun while you are going up the ladder of success. On the other hand Capricorn will empower and encourage Leo to succeed in her/his endeavors to rightfully claim the center stage.

Conflict may arise when Leo’s ego clash with Capricorn’s stubbornness. Goats have inclinations to feel that their decisions and methods are perfect, and will rarely change their views.

On the other hand, the Lions aren’t pleased when told that they are wrong.  Both must learn to overcome their weaknesses for the sake of love.

Compatibility Verdict:  Opposites attract!  If they work out the kinks, this relationship will go a long way.

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