Leo And Sagittarius Compatibility, Love & Friendship

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac is a Masculine, Fixed, Fire sign.  It is represented by the symbol, Lion and ruled by the Sun.  People born between July 23 and August 22 are natural leaders with sunny disposition and generous hearts.  

It is not difficult to spot a Leo in the crowd because he/she is always the life of the party.  These individuals love being in the spotlight however, they must learn to share the stage with others.  Self-centeredness is a weakness that these individuals must learn to overcome.

What you’ll find in this article:

Leos give their all in love and their faithfulness is legendary.

The ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is a Masculine, Mutable, Fire sign.  It is symbolized by the Archer, a wise Centaur (half man/half horse). People born between November 22 and December 21 are beaming with confidence and optimism due to the high influence of Jupiter, King of Gods and the planet of good fortune.  

These individuals feel that luck is always on their side and nothing can go wrong. Enthusiastic, innovative, humorous and well-rounded are the positive traits of Sagittarians. They must learn to curb their tendencies to be too restless, stubborn and indifferent.  

Sagittarians fall in love fast which is typical of all the Fire signs, however what makes them different from Aries and Leo, is they fall out of love fast. It is perhaps due to their innate love of movement.  These restless souls seek to learn and travel so they avoid being committed in order to have the freedom to go where their hearts dictate.  

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, when a Sagittarian meets his/her match, this free spirited individual is capable of staying committed to the one who captures his/her heart. Those born under this sign match well with other Mutable signs.  

Will the Sagittarian’s love arrow hit or miss the Lion’s heart?  Read and find out what their stars have in store for this couple.

Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Magnetic, sunny, intelligent, courageous and romantic …. What’s not to love with a Leo man?  It’s not surprising that many ladies eye him but not all of them will interest the King.  

He gets attracted to sociable, confident and independent women.  This man gets turned off by dominating or needy women.  Our romantic charmer falls head over heels with a woman who is supportive of his endeavors, attentive and appreciative.  

A Leo man has the tendency to be overly controlling so he matches well with a woman who can curb this behavior.  True to being the King of the jungle, this man will protect the one he loves with his life.

Sagittarius woman is very outgoing, bold and independent.  She goes to where adventure lies so this lady is far too busy exploring the world to give love a break but when the right man comes along she will be fiercely devoted and loyal to him.  It takes time for the lady Archer to commit but when she does, there’s no turning back.  

A man who is intelligent, charismatic and adventurous will surely win her attention.  He must be adventurous, spontaneous, witty and straightforward in order to win her heart.  Attempts to control and restrict her independence will cause her love to wane and end the relationship.   

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

A Leo woman is very devoted, intense and generous when in love.  The Queen of the zodiac puts her man on a pedestal and expects to be treated that way too.  Among her many admirers, the one who will be able to make her fall in love is the man who knows how to rock her world with grand gestures of love.  

She matches well with an adventurous, romantic, intelligent man who is willing to let her have the spotlight.   He also has to be attentive, romantic, generous and trustworthy.  A Leo woman will never have room in her life for a man who cheats.

Do not be fooled by Sagittarius’ fun loving demeanor, this man has a romantic side that lies deep within.  He gets attracted to independent, confident and smart women.  

This man has a penchant for falling in and out of love fast but a woman who is as adventurous, romantic, genuinely kind and passionate as he is, will get him to stay in a relationship. Sagittarius man has been known to be loyal to his lady love.  However, possessiveness will surely push our free spirited lover away.  

The Archer needs to continue exploring so if he is not given enough space, he will start to feel trapped and become restless.

Leo And Sagittarius Compatibility Verdict

Leo and Sagittarius are both Fire signs so these two have a lot of things in common.  This matchup can be very romantic because fire sign people are very spontaneous in love that they just go for it without much thought.  

They are childlike; intense, passionate, loyal and adventurous.  The Archer will be able to understand the Lion’s love for the limelight and will provide all the support necessary. However, the latter must learn to be sensitive to the needs of the other and not just focus on his/her wants alone.  Sagittarius is as ambitious and will need support from his/her partner as well.

Potential source of glitch here is when personality clashes occur, Leo will be too stubborn to listen while Sagittarius will take the easy way out.  

When an Archer feels rejected he/she is capable of leaving without warning. This couple must learn to curb their weaknesses and learn how to reach a compromise so the relationship will be given a chance to grow.  Leo must try to restrain his/her “know it all attitude” while Sagittarius must learn to try to work things out first and realize that quitting is not the best option all the time.  

Compatibility Verdict:  The Archer’s arrow will hit right on target. Leo and Sagittarius combination is blazing hot!

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