Leo And Pisces Compatibility, Friendship and Love

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac is a Fixed, Masculine, Fire sign. It is symbolized by the King of the zodiac, the Lion.   People born between July 23 and August 23 are under the rulership of the Sun.  

These individuals exude the same kind of warmth, brilliance and magnetism that their planetary ruler possesses.   Lions are fearless and the tendency to act on impulse runs high so they are often criticized as careless.  Leo is one of the most passionate signs and will do anything for love.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Love is as essential to them as sunshine, they can never be without it.

Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is deemed to be the most evolved of all signs. It is believed that Pisces is a combination of all the other signs.  This is why people born between February 19 and March 20, can easily relate to all kinds of people. Extreme sensitivity to the feelings of othersis a marked trait of these individuals.

Pisces is a Feminine, Mutable, Water sign that is under the influence of a watery planet Neptune.  This explains why the emotions of these people, run deep.  Two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolized the twelfth sign of the zodiac.

Pisceans make extremely good partners as well as friends.

The happiness of the people they love is placed above their own, which can lead others to take advantage of them. Pisceans can be very sensitive so it is best that they are in the company of people who understands and respects their feelings.

Other Water signs match them well because these individuals are attuned to the emotions of others and their own.   The Fish in love is romantic, understanding, submissive, honest, intuitive, protective and compassionate.

Lion and the Fish……One walks on land while the other swims in water?  Will this combination work out? Read and find out what their stars say.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

Leo man lights up a room with his sunny disposition.  Ever so cheery, amiable and charming, this man never fails to win admirers wherever he goes.  Though Leo works hard to get to the top of the ladder, this man has room for love.  Truth be told, he can’t be without it.  

He gets attracted to beautiful, magnetic, driven and independent women.  A flirty woman or a drama queen turns him off while someone who is faithful, affectionate and generous with praises for him will capture his heart.  The Lion’s faithfulness to his Queen is renowned.

Pisces woman is a romantic soul.  This shy and feminine lady dreams to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor.  A man who can talk about anything under the sun will keep her attention fixed on him.  

She prefers to be courted the old fashioned way– love letters, candle lit dinners and spontaneous romantic dates.  This lady seeks a long-term relationship with a thoughtful, sensitive and protective man.  

Pisceans are very nurturing and overly giving people so it is important that they get involved with people who will not take advantage of them or take them for granted.  

Leo Woman and Pisces Man

Leo woman maybe driven to succeed but when it comes to love, she feels deeply.  This lady longs for someone who is as romantic and generous as she is.  It is not just about lavish gifts; it is more of the quality of time and attention given to her.  

Remember, our Queen wants the spotlight to herself….so even in love, she desires that all of her man’s attention be glued on her.  This lady loves flattery but instinctive enough to know if she’s only being taken for a ride.  

The man who wins her heart is truly lucky because he will receive royal treatment from a very loving and faithful partner.

This man is often misunderstood because of his quiet demeanor.  He is often mistaken for a snob because of the air of elitism he exudes.  Underneath that cold exterior is a romantic, affectionate and giving man who is looking for a soulmate.  

Being a water sign, it is expected that his heart rules over his head when in love and he will be on the lookout for a relationship with someone who is strongly connected to him emotionally. Pisceans are known to be loyal to a fault.  Even if the relationship is not doing well, they do stick it out for the sake of love.    

Leo And Pisces Compatibility Verdict

Leo and Pisces combination brings out romance and charm.  Attraction will be undeniable when these two meet.  Leo will be taken by Pisces mysterious charm while the latter will be drawn to his/her cheery disposition and self-confidence.  

Both are true romantics.  Leo will stop at nothing to win the love of his/her object of affection while Pisces, have an uncanny sense of knowing what a person wants or needs so he/she will be able to match Leo’s high expectations.

If this couple pursues a relationship, they will encourage each other to get over their weaknesses.

Pisces will help Leo focus on the needs of other people to lessen egocentric tendencies.  On the other hand, the Lion will help the Fish see life as it is and have a more realistic approach to issues on hand.  

Pisceans are often beset with indecisions due to their dreamy and emotional nature.  Pisces will benefit from Leo’s strong sense of self.  

Possible source of conflict here is Leo’s love for attention versus Pisces’ preference for privacy.  This can cause a rift between them in the long run.  

When conflicts arise, Leo can be too upfront hurting the sensitive Pisces who would rather bottle his/her feelings than discuss them. These matters must be dealt with openly so it won’t fall into a recurring cycle that will drain the love and romance in their relationship.

My Verdict:  Leo and Pisces is a sweet match that has the potential to go long-term and possibly lead to marriage.

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