Gemini and Gemini Compatibility, Love And Friendship

People born between May 22 and June 21 fall under the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini.  It is a Masculine, Mutable, Positive, Air sign which is symbolized by the Twins.  Those born under this sign are “the storytellers” of the zodiac because they are ruled by the Planet Mercury, winged Messenger of the Gods, and planet of communication.  

Geminis are highly observant, intelligent, excellent communicators, witty and generous. On the flip side, they can be flighty, easily distracted, gossipy and fickle.

Some Geminis are practical and methodical while the others are “the social butterflies of the zodiac,” unable to focus even for a short period of time.   The twins are amazingly perceptive and receptive to what is going on around them, and they are one of the most intellectually active signs.  

What you’ll find in this article:

Those born under this sign are drawn to excitement and change. They get uninterested easily and prefer to be out and about rather than be stuck in one place. Geminis keep others clueless as to their next move.  These adventurers are restless and keep themselves emotionally detached so they are free to move on as desired.  Life is never ho-hum with these people.

Their duality is a trait uniquely theirs.  No other sign in the zodiac is capable of switching from one character to the next depending on who they are with. The Twins will leave you baffled but once you get to know them, you’ll be amused by their ever changing personalities. With these social chameleons, your journey will be oddly fun and memorable.

When it comes to relationships, love and affection are important to Geminis but are not highly prioritized.

Because this is a dual sign, it’s almost as though these people have two conflicting personalities. They are often perceived as fickle and even shallow due to their unpredictability.

People who are emotionally involved with them come face to face with their duality.  Because of their innate desire for variety, the Twins may move from one partner to another.  Geminis can be faithful though, if their partner give them a lot of breathing space.  Attempts to dominate or change them will put the relationship on the rocks.

Gemini men and women both like to show off their objects of affection hoping to win approval of their friends, whose opinions really matter to them a lot.  If the twins introduce you to their circle of friends, it is an indication that he/she likes you a lot.  

Geminis fall in love quickly and only time will tell if that feeling will last or vanish into thin air.  People born under this sign will match well with people who are capable of understanding and accepting their unpredictable nature.  

What happens when two Geminis get involved?  Will the relationship be complicated or one that will defy the odds?  Read on and find out more.

Gemini Woman And Gemini Man Compatibility

Gemini woman is seeking for a partner who is as exciting and intelligent as she is.  She is compatible with a man who loves adventure and does not impose restrictions on her.

This lady loves to travel and be out and about the world exploring and discovering the unknown.  Her partner must be one who can go with the flow and another Gemini is a suitable candidate. He will be able to gauge her, despite her unpredictability.

Friends occupy a large space in her life and a possessive partner will not be able to give her the freedom she needs to be able to nurture her friendships.  He is not the type to tighten the reins because a Gemini man requires a healthy dose of freedom as well.

Charming Gemini man is on the lookout for someone who can engage him in intellectual conversations.  On the other hand, she will be able to converse with and charm him with her innate wit and fluency.

Flirtatious, fun loving and fickle this man maybe, but once he finds a partner whose personality is sync with his, he will be in it for the long haul.  It is quite challenging to be involved with a Gemini because it is like dealing with two people at the same time, but she will be able to cope with his duality because like attracts like!

Gemini And Gemini Compatibility Verdict

Life is never dull with a Gemini around, so can you imagine what it will be like if these two get together and be involved?  One thing is for sure – these twins will have a world of their own when they start to converse and engage in activities together.

These two will surely complement each other because both will understand the need for space and variety.  They will be able to read each other’s swift behavioral changes and will be able to bring out the best of each other.

These two are the restless types and will constantly seek adventure. Both understand that imposing restrictions can do more harm than good.  They both need breathing space and that would mean being able to spend time with their own set of friends or go on an adventure apart from each other.

Since they are not the clingy types, I do not see conflicts arising from this matter. This fun-loving couple will be able to overcome challenges and if their relationship survives their fickle nature, it has the potential to last long.

Other than being flighty the potential downside to this matchup is their frequent exchanges of wit which can lead to feisty debates.  These are highly intellectual people who need to express their ideas. No harm will be done, for as long as both will remain objective and won’t push to the point of heated arguments.  

My Verdict: Gemini people can have a great future together because they know each other all too well. Therefore I say, go for it!

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