Gemini And Libra Compatibility, Love Match And Friendship

Gemini, is a Masculine, Mutable, Positive, Air sign bearing the planetary symbol, the Twins.  People born between May 22 and June 21 are intelligent and gifted communicators.  Ruled by Mercury, winged messenger of the Gods, those born under this sign have restless minds that lead them to different directions at any given time.  

These people are drawn to activities that will give them a lift.  For these fun seekers, life is all about adventure and love can take a backseat when the right one is not in the picture yet. It will take a lot of time for love and commitment to fully bloom with a Gemini, but once they take that big leap a beautiful, exciting and passionate relationship ensues.  With regard to compatibility, Gemini blends well with fellow air signs and fire signs.

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People born between September 23 and October 22 fall under the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra.  It is a masculine, Cardinal, Positive, Air sign which is symbolized by the Scales of balance.  It is known to be the sign of peace and harmony.  

Those born under this sign are idealistic and have a deep need to see beauty all around them due to the influence of their planetary ruler, Venus.  Librans are peacemakers, just, levelheaded, diplomatic and gracious. On the flipside they can be too laidback, prone to self-pity and indecisiveness.

Libra relates to the laws of justice and harmony.

An analytical Air sign, these people are great negotiators, mediators and born peacemakers. They have this great desire to maintain peace and harmony in all their relationships. Those born under this sign avoid arguments or confrontations and will keep mum on issues so as not to rock the boat.  

With Venus, Goddess of Love as their ruler, Librans eye for beauty is legendary and are born romantics.  They will go to great lengths to show love to their object of affection. These people are not the kind to fall in love at first sight.  They tread cautiously when it comes to love.  Librans seek long term relationships and once committed, they remain loyal and devoted to their partners.  

What happens when fun loving Gemini meet the peacemaker of the zodiac Libra?  Will the twins tip the scales or create perfect harmony with a Libra?  Read on to find out more.

Gemini Man And Libra Woman Compatibility

Gemini man can effortlessly charm people with his stories and wit.  Libra woman will find this man fascinating. This flirtatious, fickle and fun loving man is drawn to a woman who can engage him in lengthy intellectual conversations.  He also looks for a partner who is equally exciting and open minded.  Someone who will not try to possess him or hold him back.  Such partner must also understand and accept his extreme unpredictability.

She is cautious when it comes to love and takes time to weigh out pros and cons before taking the relationship a notch higher.  This lady can be quite complex because she may appear detached from her object of affection when uncertain if he is the perfect one for her.  When a Libra woman has come to a decision she will be very devoted to her partner and willing to adapt to his whims.  

Gemini Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

A Gemini woman is not easy to figure out.  Her unpredictability is what makes her unique, however this trait can only be winsome to a few.  Not everyone in the zodiac world have what it takes to understand this charming lady.  She is known to fall in and out of love quickly.  

Gemini gets bored easily and expects her partner to keep up with her ever-changing mind and mood.  She maybe erratic but when truly in love, she gives her all.

Libra man in love is a sight to behold. His eyes sparkle and he seems to walk on air.  This good looking man has an eye for beauty and usually goes for the one who stands out in the room.  This man knows exactly what kind of partner he desires and is determined to find someone who fits the image he has in his head to a tee.  

In life and love Librans weigh their options prior to making a move.  He doesn’t like women who are too aggressive because courting, to a Libra is like a slow dance. How can a woman know if a Libra likes her?  She just has to ask him and he’ll give a straight answer.  This man will not say no to hide his true intentions or will say yes just to be nice to a lady.

Gemini And Libra Compatibility Verdict

Gemini and Libra are both Air signs. These people are often mistaken for having shallow emotions or of being like butterflies flitting from one bud to the next.  It is not surprising that when two Air signs connect they get to understand the depths of each other’s emotions and workings of each other’s mind.  Another plus is that Air sign people can easily forgive and forget, a trait that is needed to make any kind of relationship work and last.

There will be instant attraction between these two.  Conversations will only fuel their interests on each other.  These two are not the type to get romantically involved right away so their relationship will begin with friendship which always serves as a good foundation for relationships.  

If these two decide to take things further, the only glitch will be Gemini’s flirtatious nature which will not sit well with a smitten Libra.  The twins may be known to shy away from commitment but when a Libra comes along a Gemini will be hooked.  This match up won’t be without flaws but their similarities will definitely outweigh their differences.

My verdict:  These two are in perfect harmony.  

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