Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility And Love Match

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. It is a Masculine, Fixed, Positive, Air sign.

People born between January 20 and February 18 are ruled by Uranus, the planet of invention and the great awakener. It makes Aquarians unpredictable, erratic and eccentric. 

What you’ll find in this article:

These individuals exhibit quirky behavior and trying to guess what runs in their minds is nearly impossible.  Aquarians are restless people and need different avenues to bring their imaginations to life.  Rules and fixed patterns make them uneasy.  These people are at their best when freedom is always within reach.

Aquarians are gifted with a cheery disposition.  Their easygoing personality wins them multitude of friends.  They love to give joy and be surrounded by friends who share the same outlook in life.  Negative people and scenarios are toxic to them.

Aquarians are gifted with a cheery disposition.  Their easygoing personality wins them multitude of friends.  They love to give joy and be surrounded by friends who share the same outlook in life.  Negative people and scenarios are toxic to them.

They find it hard to cope with stress and drama.  Flight is usually their solution when facing emotional dilemma.  It is not surprising that Aquarians retreat from reality more often than the other signs.  They need to plenty of quiet time alone and only resurface when their optimism level is fully charged again.

Aquarians value their freedom highly so they seek partners who will love them but give them a lot of space.  It may be an unusual set up but that’s the best way to keep a relationship going with those born under this sign.  Getting to know them is quite challenging so the best route to their hearts is thru the friendship road.  
This way, the relationship will have room to grow and progress to the next level.  They do not want to be rushed into love.  They match well with open-minded, independent, intelligent and adventurous people.  Aquarians will clash with dominating, needy and possessive partners.

Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man

Aquarius woman is very independent, charming and strong-willed.  She has a mind of her own and is brave enough to go against the norm.  She is an affectionate soul who has a long list of friends.  However, this lady finds it difficult to connect emotionally with others, so her intimate relationships take time to build.  

One needs a lot of patience to understand and get to know her.  She sets her own rules and expects others to do the same.  This lady is fiercely independent and wouldn’t want anyone to impose rules on her.  Remember, she is not afraid to go against the norm of society, so neither can a man oblige her to meekly submit.  

When it comes to matters of the heart, Aquarius woman can be quite unpredictable.  She likes a relationship that is out of the ordinary.  She gets bored easily so it is important that her partner is in sync with her and is good in throwing her off the loop.  

Winning her heart is not easy and a man must be able to accept her for who she is or just move on.  She will not change for anyone and that message will be clear from the onset.  This woman gets attracted to positive, adventurous, spontaneous and intelligent men.  Courting her requires a lot of patience because she doesn’t want to be rushed into a commitment.  

Aquarius man draws a lot of admirers but he is too preoccupied with too many things to even notice.  He is cool, intelligent, intriguing and extremely amiable.  The way to his heart is thru his mind.  Intelligent conversations never fail to brighten his day and a woman who can shift from one topic to the next will certainly pin his attention.  

He desires to be different all the time, so he gets attracted to a woman who dares to be different too.   Wall flowers, straight laced and too trendy women do not appeal to him at all.  But then again, he is very unpredictable so his type of woman may vary as the season changes.

Aquarians are governed by their minds so it is best for their partners to approach any given situation logically.  The Water bearer is most uncomfortable when caught up in a web of emotions. Jealousy has no room in his relationship.  

A woman must be able to accept that this man is ultra-friendly. Imposing restrictions on his social life will lead to a break up.  His partner must be open-minded enough to embrace his friends, quirks and freedom.  
Aquarius man likes to be surprised, so he matches well with a spontaneous woman.  One who would do the unthinkable in order to make him feel loved.

Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility Verdict

Being under the same sign, one is quick to assume that an Aquarius and Aquarius pairing will be a great match up. After all, these two share the same traits, weaknesses and views on life and love.

However, that is not the case for this couple. If you put two emotionally detached people together, the result is a relationship sans romance, affection and depth.  

These two will not run out of things to talk about.  They are perfectly aligned in all areas and a strong bond of friendship ensues from the start.  They are both spontaneous and unpredictable so they will surely enjoy each other’s company.

Question is….will they ever get past the friendship level.  I highly doubt it.

There will be meeting of minds here, however Aquarians are not good in establishing emotional connection so this pair will likely stay friends for life. Both are independent and cherish their freedom, so it is perfectly fine to give each other a lot of space.  Because of this, their relationship may miss out on forming a deeper bond.

These two are perfect buddies, going past that level maybe quite impossible because they will be too comfortable with each other to even consider crossing the line.  They are good partners as well because both are visionaries and will team up to achieve their goals. But since both of them are stubborn, clashes are unavoidable.  
My Verdict:  Aquarius and Aquarius are better off as friends.  Even if these two attempt to cross the line, the end result will be the same.  

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