Leo Horoscope 2017

How will the year turn out for one of the most positive signs in the Zodiac?Leo, the King of Zodiac seems unfazed by anything but truth is the fear of failure lies within.  It is always wise to prepare for the year to come to rid yourself of needless anxieties and ensure success in all endeavors.  Let Leo Horoscope 2017 help you map out your life plan for success.

Leo Horoscope  Predictions 2017

2017 will be a fairly good year for you. Your career will be in full swing this year.  Pending projects, promotions and business ventures will come to fruition in 2017.  Leo Horoscope predictions 2017 indicate that you will have to put in your best efforts to ensure success.  

Brace yourself for hurdles along the way. Your energy level can go up and down easily so you’d have to manage stress really well.  Resolve to bring out your childlike enthusiasm to help you beat the odds.  Shine bright like the Sun.  Good luck!

Leo Love Horoscope 2017

Love will take a backseat for single Leos in 2017.  Your eyes will be fixed on your goals. This is good because you have the tendency to wear your heart on your sleeves and place your ambitions second.   

It would be wise to draw a clear line between your love life and work. Leo Love Horoscope shows that matters of the heart must wait in 2017. Cheer up because you will still have an upbeat social life despite your lackluster love life in 2017.  

Married Leos must find ways to balance their commitment to work and family.  Find time for your family or partner so your relationship won’t be compromised.

Leo Career Forecast 2017

Leo shines best when you take center stage.  Spotlight will be on you this year, so continue working hard in 2016 because Leo Career forecast shows that your star will shine brighter in 2017.

All your hard work will pay off in the coming year. 2017 will be favorable especially for those who are in the fields of entertainment, sports, advertising and sales.  

Projects that you are working in 2016 will be completed successfully.  New business opportunities, promotion, new projects and awards will line up for you during the 1st to 2nd quarter of the year.

The trend will change during midyear.  As the 3rd quarter opens, challenges at work and business will start rolling in.  Stay focused and do not let difficulties keep you from doing your best.  

Take note: Misunderstandings may arise at the career front.  Be careful that your ego doesn’t get in the way.  Maintain good relations with people who work for and with you.  

Never be to bossy even if you are the boss! Always wear the sunny side of Leo to work.  Also it won’t hurt to let others take center stage from time to time.

Leos who are still in school will have to double up their efforts in order to excel.  Diligent students will certainly be rewarded in 2017.  Stay focused. Do what it takes to reach your goals.  

Your determination will definitely carry you through.  Lions’ competitive streak will come out in 2017.  Get active in sports or join academic contests.  Lions who are taking up film, business management and law will have a challenging but rewarding year.  

Leo Health Forecast 2017

After eating like a king during the holidays it is time to get back in shape.  Leo health forecast shows that your energy level will flip flop in 2017.  

Start the year right by hitting the gym or getting into a fitness program that you will be able to enjoy.  Be mindful of your health all year round.  Be good to yourself.  Learn to manage stress.  Have a life outside work.

Extreme sports is not for Leos.  Do not push yourself beyond limit as it will do you more harm than good. The heart is the weakest part of your body and your back is vulnerable too. It is important to eat right, work out regularly and avoid too much stress to keep your mind and body in tip top shape.

Financial Outlook For Leo In 2017

Your attitude toward working will determine the stability of your finances in 2017.  If you give in to your lazy streak then your earnings will come in trickles.  There will be a steady flow of opportunities to increase your earnings in 2017.  

Leos will also have luck in long term investments.  Financial outlook for Leo shows that you will curb your spendthrift ways in 2017.  

Leos are big spenders but for this coming year you will prefer to seek the help of a financial adviser instead of a shopping consultant.  

If ever you’ll fork out some cash this year, it will surely be spent on your family and friends.  Leos won’t be able to resist being generous to the people who matter most to them.  

You are the King of the zodiac after all and desire to provide only the best for his/her brood.  

Leo Monthly Horoscope 2017

January–You will need some quiet time to mentally prepare for the year ahead.  At the work front, be wary of people around you.  Not everyone is on your side. This month is good for those looking for work.  Send out your resumes!  A Job is waiting for you.

February – Work with your team to complete a project.  Although you’d rather do it on your own, having people work with you will ensure a better outcome. Foster team spirit!  Find time to relieve stress.  Staying passed working hours or studying late for exams will tire you out.  

March–It is a good time for single Leos to meet new people.  Go out and mingle.  You will get along really well with new acquaintances.  You may experience a financial setback this month or next.  Avoid splurging and keep your credit card out of sight.  

April–Your leadership skills will be highlighted this month.  Higher ups will notice and be impressed.  Make sure your life outside work is relaxing. Stress will occur when you are overly focused on your work.  So go out with your friends, watch a movie or simply hangout with them.

May– Work will push you to your limits this month.  Colleagues, superiors or employees will test your wits and patience.  Keep your cool!  Your social life will manage to exist despite being on the grind.  Money luck is good this month.  

June– Things settle down a bit at the work front at the start of the month.  Find time to spend with your family, friends or partner while you can because things will start to be hectic again mid-month.  Hang in there! All your hard work will pay off.

July–You will have additional sources of income this month.  Despite a steady flow of cash, you will adopt more sense to your spending habits. Surprisingly, you will prefer to put your money in the bank instead of splurge most of it in the mall. The latest gadgets will not tempt you in anyway.

August – The tendency of single Leos to foolishly rush into love is heightened this month.  Restrain yourself from blindly committing to someone you’ve only met.  Love at first sight?  Serendipity?  Pinch yourself hard because it’s not!Focus on work or your studies.  Stay away from the social scene this month to avoid misleading encounters.  

September–Time to reward yourself for working hard the past months.  Go to a spa or book a weekend vacation with your family or partner.  Leos should pamper themselves this month.  Resist to overspend though.  You can do all these without breaking the bank.  

October–There maybe conflicts within the family.   Resolve issues by being honest with your feelings.  Hear out what others have to say and learn to compromise. Avoid being one sided. Learn to master the art of listening.  You will need it this month.

November – You’re back on the grind when November begins.  Manage your stress level by taking breaks.  If things do not turn out as planned, maintain your composure and keep moving forward.  Do not let disappointments dim your lights this month.  Claim the center stage because you earned the right to be there.

December – You are still in the mood to work, work, and work.  Give yourself a break and do not bite off more than you can chew.  Enjoy the season with your family and friends.  Leos will end the year on a positive note, feeling accomplished and content.

In A Nutshell

Your ambitions will be your driving force in 2017.  Lack thereof will result to a disappointing year.  Never let your fear of failure cripple you.  Your leadership qualities and determination will make you shine this year.  Be confident and just keep aiming for the top.

Put your heart and mind into everything you do to earn the respect of people around you.  Resolve to keep your ego in check.  Maintain good working relationships and always…always remember to share the spotlight with others.  Be proud of your abilities but be humble enough to support others too.  Have a roaring 2017!

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